Friday, September 21, 2007

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And what it know, blonde whores forced to suck cock then fucked?

Yep. Pornspeak ain't always pretty or nice. Plenty of those sentiments up above out there. Yet, if one is looking for monsters, that's what they find. Kinda like the asshole in my post under this one.


How about some anti-porn airtime on these pornspeak taglines:

"Miss Adams is all over Euro like a twisted spider, and has him screaming in pain and thanking her for it at the same time. Euro is suspended, mummified, fucked with a dildo, whipped, gagged and generally broken down to his component parts by the crafty dominatrix, Claire Adams. "

"Sandra and breaks in newcomer tahiti boy, but things do not progress the way Mistress likes them. After a couple of grueling sets of whipping, slapping and merciless ass fucking, slave boy gets the chance to fuck the Mistress but She is not impressed. See what happens when Mistress Romain is fed up with a worthless slave.... "

"Mistress Aiden has a pain toy to play with. tao subjects himself to the sadistic Mistresses' whims at his own peril, and screams out over and over but his cries fall on deaf ears. Aiden's strap on fucking is as brutal and punishing as it is humiliating. She dishes out the pain at the most extreme levels before finally getting off on his face and leaving him to stew in his own burning humiliation. "

"'Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes', she sneers as her fingers tighten around his throat. Mistress Claire makes dorian's nightmares come true in this erotic psychological thriller. Take a ride with Claire through an evening of interrogation, bondage, heel sucking, inverted suspension, strap-on fucking, and finally Claire literally puts her foot up dorian's ass. "

"Amazing beauty Tera Patrick gives an amazing performance in this sensual thriller"

"Beautiful blonde Tawny Roberts performs a seunsual strip tease on a piano"

"Tanned, toned, beautiful brunette takes charge of her lover, riding his cock and slapping his face"

Well, lookie. Many of them have names. Not all are blonde. Not all of them are even fucking. They are slapping around the menz. Humiliating them. And gods, look, "sensual" rather than "forced".

Pst. Vivid outsells Max Hardcore for a reason., ect. also specialize in roughing up men!


  1. "generally broken down to his component parts"

    hehehehehehe that's so geeky.

    if I ever do role-play as some kind of kinky chemist...

    yeah ;)

  2. I AGREE With you.
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    Thank you.

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