Tuesday, May 20, 2008

nina.com Back Up!

Finally, after over a week of round-the-clock effort by our dauntless webmasters, nina.com is functional once more. It looks better than ever and most of its components are operational once again.

Alas, as I said would be the case, the free to all open forums are conspicuous by their absence. Sorry about that. It isn't a matter of "knuckling under" (as one of our friends rather painfully characterized it) so much as a reality-based decision meant to protect not only Nina but forum participants as well. Without going into potentially sensitive technical details, suffice it to say that the DOS attack we suffered was surprisingly sophisticated and suggests that the confidentiality of contributors to a discussion space unprotected by firewalls of any sort and linked directly to a paid porn site would be difficult to assure.

We are looking into alternatives and hope to re-open the doors to public comments on sexuality, politics, technology, history, religion and all the other great topics that made the nina.com forums what they were. Give us a little time to come up with a solution that works reliably to the benefit of all concerned.

Meanwhile, again, thanks to everyone here for their encouragement in what was a very difficult time for both Nina and me.

Good friends are truly rare, and we're glad we've got so many of them on this blog and in the many other places where this incident was reported and righteously denounced.


  1. Congrats, Ernest, on finally getting the site back up and working...and the design change does look damn good, too.

    I eagerly await whatever solution you have for restoring interactive access with Nina....though I do have some ideas of my own that I could share with you privately via email, if you are so willing.

    BTW...are you aware that some of the former links to the site are being redirected to other sites?? The link that used to serve the forums now goes to Camz's Video on Demand site. Do you have any more control over that now, and is there any way to inform Camz about redirecting your links??


  2. Thanks, Anthony,

    I welcome your email input anytime.

    And the camz thing is our doing. They're the outfit that runs Nina's web shows and we've always linked to them, just from a different part of the site. We're still making some tweaks, so things may yet move around a bit.

  3. No, it's not me, it's Nina borrowing my username to send her greetings:

    Hello, all, Nina here. first, I'd like to thank Ren for inviting me to post here. I've been checking out her blog from time to time, and Ernest tells me something cool every day that she said about one thing or another. I really do admire her kick-ass, take-no-prisoners approach. I tend to be much too nice to people, even when they're not so nice to me. I cheer her on and wonder she finds the energy to confront so many deserving targets at so many different locations.

    We're putting the site back up, and back together, as expeditiously as we can. The forums, if we can keep them at all, will likely be the last element to go back up. We need to make our contributors safe from assholes, and we'll figure out how best to do that if it can be done. Perhaps we'll make the archived threads and posts available for searching, or something similar in nature. The fact is that the site needs to be more of a revenue generator, so I need to put more effort toward creating new content.

    Nina.com is a big, expensive operation that gets thousands of hits every day and for which existing members pay their hard-earned money. It's also regulated under 2257 and other restrictions requiring strict adherence. All these things take time and labor, and if I could afford to hire others to run it as a non-profit, public space, I would love to do so. But I'm still a sex-worker who needs to work to pay for things, so labor-intensive solutions to the current situation will have to wait until lost income can be recovered.

    It will be a challenge, but maybe this is the time for me to start learning how to use a video camera and begin my next career as a director! I can be pretty authoritative when necessary.

    I just want to thank everyone who's posted here for their support during this very difficult time (gee, Nina, it sounds like somebody died, or something!). The forces aligned against us are strong, far -reaching and very motivated. We think we're just living our lives, hurting no one, and they're convinced that we're the leading edge of the Apocalypse. As an unbeliever, it's hard to reconcile my view of myself with theirs of me as the devil incarnate.

    So, know that even if I'm not posting here on a regular basis, I'm certainly rooting for all of you. Ernest is a much better writer than I am, and we're in pretty close agreement on these matters, thus I can say he speaks for me. Of course, he makes sure I read what he intends to put up before doing so, just to make sure.

    I'll be coming around from time to time to pitch in when I'm able.

  4. Nina- Umm, I'm a Scorpio? That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it.

  5. Nina,

    Glad to know your doing well. I'm also quite certain that getting nina.com back up meant many sleepless nights for yourself, Earnest, chashem, et al. Web development is tough work.

    Just a reminder that the sun will always rise for you tomorrow. Keep your chin up. I promise the light you see at the end of the tunnel is me waving a flashlight directing you to a friendly hug - and not train!