Monday, September 15, 2008

Nina Rides A Vette Now (With Update)

Update (9-21-08): Two points of correction, thanks to Vicky and Ernest:

1) I may have given the impression that Nina's original site was no longer functioning. That is NOT the case, it is still up and running, but only as a basic commercial paysite without the features such as a forum for communicating with her fans.

2) The site that is being hosted at Vicky's place ( is basically a clone of, but it does include access to a section of Vicky's own members-only forum that is dedicated to Nina personally. Membership in Vicky's site is required, however, to access the forum; such membership also gets you access to as well.

I have been seriously thinking about offering some space of my Red Garter Club website for a free forum or blog that would archive some of the most important threads off Nina's old forum for public access; as well as serve as a free form of access for those Nina fans who might not be as able to pony up for a membership to Nina's or Vicky's sites. I will consult with Nina and Ernest and Vicky for their thoughts before I do anything; I don't want to step on any toes.

Original post:
This may not fit into the usual political and intellectual stuff, but it is more than worth announcing if you are as much a Nina Hartley fanatic as I am.

As you may well know, Nina's original official website, , has been in a state of limbo these past months following an ugly incident where her forum board was invaded and hacked by a group of fundamentalist Muslim extremists. The remainder of the site was unharmed, but due to the breach of security, the forum was permanently suspended and the site had to be refurbished....much to the chagrin of regular members of the board who had enjoyed the stimulating conversation and discussion about all matters concerning Nina.

However, I do have great news to proclaim: Nina has now revived her site under the domain of , with the assistance and bandwidth space donated by colleague, supreme MILF, and outright badass, fine-ass, and boobalicious blonde bombshell Vicky Vette ( ), who has been a rising starlet amongst adult Internet performers and who recently scored a major coup by being voted as's Booble Girl of the Year for 2008.

In addition to that, Vicky has been an outspoken voice not only for sexual media and sex positivity (and she has her criticisms of the industry, too, which she's not afraid to vent on occasion. She has depended on the loyalty of her devoted fans (whom she lovingly refers to as the Vette Nation Army) and her own special....ummmm, assets to become a rising starlet in the adult Internet scene...though she mostly does content solely for her site.

I'm going to try to see if I can get Vicky to surf through the BPPA...and who knows, I may even get her to post some opinions. She might not have quite the....ummmm, edge of Ren, but she does bring a lot to the plate....and I don't just mean her 36DD chest, either.

Members of Vicky's site can chat with her through her exclusive Members' Board (in which Nina also has a section dedicated to her); everyone else can meet her though her MySpace and Facebook pages.

BTW...Nina has also set up her own Facebook page, find it here.


  1. When Nina gets home tonight, I'm going to direct her attention to this post. I'll bet she'll want to comment for herself.

    I know she's glad to be back in touch with the virtual world again.

  2. Uh-oh. I have a bad feeling about this ...

  3. I don't know exactly what the phrase in the post above my last one says, but I googled it and it's on a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated blogs in several different languages.

    This looks like a possible hack job in progress. I guess we'll soon find out.

  4. far, so good...seems like just a glitch.

    One question for Ernest or Nina, if she be looking in: I see that is still running and has even been updated by Nina with a journal update; is that site still going to exist along with the site shared within Vicky's space??

    And secondly....I've been throwing out the idea of hosting a dedicated forum that would essentially archive and replace the old forum that was breached by the hacking attacks...but Vicky has already added a section of her forum dedicated to Nina at her place. Any updates as to the plans for reviving the forum in any way...and will you be running both and simultaneously or will there ultimately be a switch from the former to the latter??

    If you don't want to answer publically. you can simply email me the response have my addy.


  5. Anthony,

    No problem. Happy to answer these questions in the clear. is now pretty much exclusively, outside of her journal, a commercial site. You have to pay to belong and the content is pretty much all porn all the time. We can keep that much better defended than we can any kind of open forum where signing up and gaining access is just a matter of creating an email account and logging on. is here to stay, but it will be pretty much a commercial enterprise going forward.

    So there is unlikely to be a reconstitution of the forums as they existed at that location. They are archived and at some point an separate blog that would be considered expendable if necessary, as it wouldn't be a revenue generator, might be created, but Nina is pretty busy these days and so am I, so the motivation may be there, but the time may not.

    Meanwhile, Nina can and will continue to interact with her fans via her space at Vicky's for the time being. They both feel good about it and though it's in the early stages, it seems to be working well for both of them.

    However, I wouldn't discourage you from your interest in creating a blog or some sort of forum resembling what we used to have if you feel motivated. As you know, such things take a lot of work to moderate and maintain. If so, it might be possible to set you up with the archives from the old forums, but the bandwidth involved would be pretty staggering.

    Nina is out of town this weekend, but when she returns, we'll chat about this and be in touch by email.

    You're not the only one who misses the freewheeling discussions of those days, and now they seem more relevant than ever.

    Thanks for your continuing support.