Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coming Soon: The Spoofing of Sarah Palin

You could see this coming from a thousand miles away....

Leave it to Larry Flynt to make lemonade out of lemons, and there's no better starlet suited to spoof Senator FauxMILF than Lisa Ann, a genuine MILF who also happens to own her own talent agency (in fact, she reps Nina!!!).

Here's the official press announcement from HUSTLER, via; reprinted at Lisa Ann's official Yahoo! fan group (with h/t to Bridgett Lee):

Hustler Reveals Details of Palin Porn Flick
Lisa Ann to play lead role in 'Nailin' Paylin'

By: David Sullivan

Posted: 10/02/2008

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Hustler Video has cast Lisa Ann as Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in an porno spoof titled Nailin' Paylin.

Word of the latest project from Larry Flynt's company spread earlier today after the New York Daily News ran a gossip item that claimed Hustler was seeking Palin lookalikes on Craigslist. While that rumor has proven false, Hustler Video has confirmed the project is in the works.

"Nailin' Paylin will take the viewer on a naughty adventure to the wild side of that sexy Alaska governor," the company announced in a press release. "Sara Paylin will not only be showing us some girl-on-girl lovin' but will also be nailing the Russians, who come knocking on her back-door (wink, wink) and in a flashback, young Paylin's creationist college professor will explain a 'big bang' theory even she can't deny!"

One scene will show the Palin character in a lesbian threesome with characters based on Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. The movie will also feature a Bill O'Reilly character as the announcer who dishes dirt on the Paylin sex scandals.

"Obviously, the real life antics of Sarah Palin are much funnier than anything we could ever make up," Hustler exec Jeff Thill told AVN. "Her public appearances seem more like a trailer for a Farrelly brothers film then a carefully executed run at the White House."

Jerry T. is signed to direct. Hustler plans to have the parody on the streets in time for the November election.
As good as Tina Fey's spoofing of Sarah the FauxMILF was for Saturday Night Live, this is going to be even better....probably the perfect capper for the ultimate electoral asskicking the end of a long and grueling campaign.


  1. According to Huffington Post, Nina Hartley will be in this one, playing Hillary Clinton. I'll have to see it just for that.

    On a more serious note, I can kind of sympathize with what I know is going to be the feminist reaction to this – a lot of politicians are unpopular, and just about any well-known politician is going to be the target of satire, but why is that sexual satire is largely aimed at female politicians?

    For the life of me, I can't remember a Bill Clinton-themed porn movie when he was at the peak of his dicking-around reputation.

  2. Nevertheless, I can confirm that Nina will be playing Hillary, which is unlikely to increase her popularity among those who already dislike her for political reasons.

    However, I would pose the question of why it's inherently more questionable for a porn movie to satirize Palin or Clinton than for SNL to do so.

    But I do like the idea of an X-rated take on Bubba's adventures. It would probably pale in comparison to reality, and it's a bit late, but it could be fun.

  3. Can't wait to watch this one! And yes, where IS the Bill Clinton porn-spoof?

  4. Let me see....

    Lisa Ann playing Sarah the FauxMILF....

    Nina playing Hillary....

    And the GenderBorg Collective's collective heads explode in unison in 5....4....3....2...

    We already have some supposed radfems attempting to defend Palin as a "conservative feminist" while raking Barack Obama as a "misogynist" and Michelle as a "Stepford wife"....this vid should just about put these folks over the edge.

    I wonder if they could get an Obama spoof going, with Tyler Knight playing the title role...heheh

    And yeah....raking Bubba Clinton over the coals for his wandering dick would be kinda fun; why should Monica Lewinsky get all the credit??


  5. I think this is really, really stupid.

    I can't say I'm surprised by it, or profoundly offended, or anything, but uh... *why*? Just *why*?

    I think I'll be not seeing it, because I really would rather Nina *not* go down in my estimation.

  6. However, I would pose the question of why it's inherently more questionable for a porn movie to satirize Palin or Clinton than for SNL to do so.

    Not inherently a bad idea, but its just a matter of the larger pattern of who gets sexually satirized and who doesn't. In the case of male politicians, this doesn't really come up, even when they're involved in a high-profile sex scandal. With a woman in a position of power, it seems like sex is one of the first things a lot of people reach for to knock her down a peg.

    Now I'm anti-authoritarian enough to happen to like seeing politicians and authority figures knocked down a peg, and, not being big on protectionist feminism, see women in positions of power as deserving their fair share that.

    But, at the same time, I do see the sexism in being quick to employ sexual satire against women in a way that men are not generally on the receiving end of. And that gets back to the larger issue of how, with some exceptions, sex is perceived in relation to personal power – as something that's empowering for men, but disempowers women. That, of course, is not the way sex should be seen, and I think one of the important "sex positive" ideas is getting rid of that double standard.

  7. What IACB said. Why are there no films about knocking George down a peg by knocking at HIS back door?

    I wouldn't really be comfortable with that either, but... yeah, it does point to something, for me. A male idiot you lampoon with cartoons and spoofs; a female idiot you lampoon with fucking.

  8. I can see what Trin is talking about on the subject of how women in power seem to get spoofed with more deliberate sexual intent rather than the men, and that is one area of the sexual double standard that I as a sex-poz radical would love to eliminate with all deliberate speed.

    On the other hand, I would say that in this particular case, Sarah Palin is more than worthy of and well deserving of being spoofed sexually due to both her deliberate use of her "hockey mom" image to promote her campaign, and her promoters in the McCain campaign deliberately (at least behind the scenes, as not to alienate the fundamentalist Right base of the GOP too much) milking the "MILF" image as a means to sell her to the College Republican male crowd which would be more suspectible to such....ummm, baser reflexes.

    In a way, it is similar to spoofing the right-wing Republican who makes a living spouting against homosexuality as a sin and a crime against nature, while privately crusing gay bars at night, or a minister inveighing against "adultery" and other "sexual sin" while having affairs on the side. It is the hypocrisy of Palin both using the quasi-"MILF" sex appeal in combination with her ceaseless promotion of anti-sexual values that opens her up to being spoofed sexually.

    Plus...she kinda fits into the mold of what is usually defined as a "MILF" in that she is an older woman with kids who has had somewhat of a wild past, and who is somewhat attractive enough to inflame the loins, so to speak, of certain right-leaning men.

    Personally, I find her not worthy of the standard of a MILF (nor of a politician, for that matter, and not just because she is a virulent reactionary), because the foundation that I have for a true MILF is that she actually ENJOY sex and be as open and honest and accepting of other people's desires thereof. Hence my gloss, "Sarah the FauxMILF".

    That's the main reason why I'm seriously looking forward to this flick; Lisa Ann can give Senator Palin master classes in being a genuine MILF...and Lisa Ann's moral values overall are far, far better. At least she can name more than one Supreme Court case.

    Plus...any excuse to see Nina and Lisa Ann lock lips and clits is all right by me.


  9. Anthony,

    I could have missed something huge here, but I don't think Palin is courting the whole "MILF" thing. Yeah, she's young and attractive for a politician, but I think that's different from her specifically presenting a sexual image. She's not saying she's some fighter for sexual freedom, or winking and saying "I'm your MILF."

    Also, well, uh... this.

    I really don't approve of this at all, and I could just not know Nina well enough to have any kind of reasonable opinion, but this disappoints me. A lot.

  10. And again in response to Trin:

    I think this is really, really stupid.

    I can't say I'm surprised by it, or profoundly offended, or anything, but uh... *why*? Just *why*?

    I think I'll be not seeing it, because I really would rather Nina *not* go down in my estimation.

    You're entitled to your own opinion, Trin, as always.

    But...spoofing political figures and copying Hollywood blockbusters has been a kinda fixture in porn for quite a long while.....and since when did porn ever not take advantage of a hot news story to make more bucks??

    And I don't really agree that sexualizing Hillary will reduce Nina down in any way: her legacy is pretty much solidified; and if anyone is qualified enough to portray the sexual side of Hillary, why not her?? Besides, she's probably the closest fit to the role you can find. (And since she happens to be a client of Lisa Ann's talent agency as well; probably the easiest fit, too.)

    I'm more interested to see who they get to play the "Condi Rice" role: Midori would be a decent choice, if she happened to be still performing...


  11. Trin....I didn't say that Palin was openly attracting the MILF image; far from it. her political views express the total antipathy of what counts as a "MILF".

    Her handlers and some supporters, however, certainly are exploiting her physical attractiveness (i.e., her "hotness") as a means of selling her campaign, and you would be more than a bit blind not to see how that would play in the minds of certain young conservative men who are caught between their conservative upbringings and their raging libidos.

    Like I said are entitled to your opinon. I'm entitled just as much to disagree.

    And if playing a bit role in a porn satire happens to downgrade your view of Nina...well, to each his/her own. Can't please everybody.


  12. In some ways, I think its actually playing into the Republicans hands. I think that actually the fact that they're running somebody for VP who's a) a woman, b) somebody with a "hockey mom"/"regular American" image, and c) really underqualified is possibly a deliberate strategy.

    She's, naturally, going to get a hard time for being not very knowledgeable or experienced. The Republicans can spin that as 1) the "elite" attacking "regular Americans", which is an old card with the Republicans, and 2) attacking her abilities because she's a woman, something that will gain the sympathies of the "PUMA" crowd, who still have a hell of a chip on their shoulder about Hillary losing. Basically, the Republicans are hoping to win over the "soccer mom" vote which was a key Clinton block in 1996 and has leaned Democratic since then.

    I don't think one porn video is going to swing any elections, of course, but, more generally, I do think sexist satire against Palin is pretty counter-productive.

  13. I think everybody is over-thinking this.

    First of all, as to it's political impact, it won't come out until well after the election, by which time it won't matter much either way in terms of public opinion.

    It's also a porn spoof and likely to be corny and over the top as they all are, so as satire, I doubt it will be terribly trenchant.

    But it is a natural pick-up for a guy like Larry who has made his whole career on outraging people. Sounds like he's doing a pretty good job with this thing already.

    I'm sorry if Nina's participation in what amounts to a publicity stunt diminishes her in some people's view, but she is an entertainer as well as other things she does, and this is an entertainment gig. A good one at that in that it involves some small bit of acting, which she enjoys doing.

    And let's not forget that the person being spoofed here - by no means primarily Hillary - is anti-choice, pro-abstinence-only teaching policies, anti same-sex marriage, pro censorship and just a biy hypocritical about applying her principles to her personal life. After all, if a liberal politician's daughter was pregnant out of wedlock and he and his family embraced the idea of making it all okay by urging her to marry the mook who impregnated her while she was still underage, the howls of rage from the "values voters" would be deafening.

    Would I like to see Bill O'Reilly get the same treatment? You bet. and I hope he does. Maybe this could be a successful line for LFP video: sexual send-ups of the political figures.

    This is one of those face-facts situations. Porn is a vulgar medium in many ways (though it doesn't always have to be) and sex comedy is particularly so. Nina likes playing comedy and she takes the opportunities to do so when they come along.

    Meantime, Larry is predictably playing to the cheap seats as he has throughout his entire career. The thing will probably sell a lot of copies and get him more publicity and that's reason enough for him.

    Sorry if this offends the sensibilities of people I like and respect, but like you, Trinity, I have my own boundaries that are different from yours. I don't expect porn to be socially responsible in terms of content, only in terms of the way it's made.

    Beyond that, well, it is what it is, pretty much a P.T. Barnum kind of medium. And I agree with your solution, which is not to watch what you don't want to see.

    What does bother me is that some people who genuinely dislike Nina will seize on this as a reason to beat up on her further and further accuse her of being an agent of the patriarchy and all that.

    But that's exactly the kind of influence she has to shrug off to do the job at all. This is just a part she'll be playing and says nothing much about her as a person, a performer or an activist in other areas.

    A cartoonist I interviewed about the very hard BDSM comics he draws said an interesting thing re this sort of situation:

    "When people ask me if I hate women based on what I draw, I ask them if they think Anthony Hopkins really eats people."

    Reject this thing as bad theater if you wish, but I think it's a pretty minor matter over which to take a performer to task. Let's not be confusing Nina the performer with Nina the activist. Porn being what it is, there have always been and will always be inconsistencies between what any of us might want to see our medium do and what we ourselves do within it in terms of content.

    Bottom line - fun part she gets to play opposite a good friend. No significant harm done to any important cause.

    And, heaven forbid, what if it turns out to be pretty funny? I still say the SNL paradigm applies. Many a joke has been made at the expense of the sexual hypocrisy of male politicians, though I agree porn could do more in this area and probably should, but no matter whose ox is gored, when it comes to satire, I view very few people or things as off-limits.

  14. Okay, I just want to say this publicly, since I stated my opinion publicly and I don't think I was clear:

    I don't mean by what I said that I've suddenly decided Nina Hartley is a bad person. I mean that I view this sort of satire as too mean-spirited for my comfort, and it made me wince. Nina's character -- and my assessment thereof -- does not hinge on whether she thinks something is funny that I think steps over the line.

    I didn't mean, in my initial comment, to give the impression that I no longer respect Nina. I meant that I'd probably wince through such a joke if I ever saw it, and so I'll take a pass on it.

    It wasn't intellectual, it wasn't thinking, it was a gut reaction of "Oh, yuck!"

  15. I'm with Trinity on this one, even if Nina will be in it as Hill.

    Dislike Palin's politics and whatnot as much as one wants...I dislike her politics, but it doesn't have to be a sex thing.

  16. Well, even as I write this, Nina is out doing her Hillary thing on the Nailin' Palin set.

    I understand that not everyone, including friends right on this here blog, don't share her views or mine on this particular project, and I respect that. I respect the reasonable manner in which they have stated their reasons for opposing it. No problems there.

    I do have a problem with the predictably hyperbolic rhetoric already launched at this trifling thing from extreme quadrants of the anti-porn blogosphere, even to the point of characterizing it as "metaphorical rape," a coinage so odious I find it hard to believe that anyone could utter it and still claim to be a feminist of any kind, and I usually take pains to avoid offering my opinions as a man on what is or is not feminist. But really ...

    And full disclosure, by virtue of working part-time (that's right, as a contractor, not an employee, just for the record) for Larry Flynt, who produced this video, I've been named as an accomplice in this heinous travesty. Other than being married to a cast member I had nothing whatsoever to do with the thing, but that's a mere fact, and therefore irrelevant.

    All that said, to recap something I emailed to a friend of ours here, having now read the script for NP, It's pretty much what I expected - a dumb sex comedy and really quite harmless. In fact, it's rather affectionate toward Palin, who is depicted as the typical porno-trope horny housewife, kinda whacky but not sinister in any way.

    And there is a bit of political satire mixed in that's fairly intelligent and not particularly mean-sprited toward Palin. Bill O'Reilly's character gets the gloves-off treatment much more bitterly.

    All in all, the howls of outrage in defense of the honor of a woman who is anti-choice, anti-sex-ed, anti-gay-marriage and otherwise a complete nightmare for progressives just because she's being spoofed fairly harmlessly by some pornographers are going to ring pretty hollow in light of what's actually being shot. Of course, by the release date, the howlers will have moved on to other outrages and I doubt they'll ever see this vid.

    But meantime, for anyone who actually cares to know what the script is all about and how the material is handled, here's a link to the whole thing thoughtfully provided by the Hustler folks.

    Silly, cheesy, porny – granted but "metaphorical rape?"


  17. Ernest,

    Just to state it for the record (I've already said it to you), when I originally made my very strongly opposed comments, I assumed that they would depict Palin as not consenting or as reluctant-then-eager (for, say, the "Russian backdoor invasion" or the like.) This, while I still find it wince-worthy, in poor taste, and... questionable... bothers me far less.

    The one scene I do have an issue with is the "Hey, do you know anything to protect against witchcraft?" bit, where the professor is portrayed as using Young Serra's naivete as a way of tricking her into sex. The scene may be played out onscreen in a way that indicates that YS actually knows full well that Prof is flirting, but what's written there smacks too much of a trick for me.

    The rest of it... vaguely amusing satire, and porn.

    I can't say that I particularly like lampooning particular people in porn, though. I'd personally be much more comfortable with lampooning people by type than by name.

  18. And again, to be totally clear, when I say I don't like it, I don't mean "People are horrible for writing it or performing in it." I just mean it made me wince, where the rest just made me roll my eyes.

  19. Trinity,

    Eye-rolling is a pretty natural reaction to porn comedy. It always has that effect on me.

    And the scene you mention? The way Lisa-Ann will play it, she'll definitely make sure she gets the last laugh. She's a very clever and capable performer and agent and will do the whole thing with more winks than Palin herself.

    In porn, we get used to working uphill against the script in many scenes. I don't want to say anything too sharp about the writer who did this one, who I suspect of being a friend of mine working under one of many pseudonyms, but it poses no threat to the staff at SNL.

    Here's a pretty reliable metric: in porn the writing is about as good as the acting.

    I may get beaten with a rubber chicken for saying that in print, but why deny the obvious? Once in a great while, we actually manage a pretty intelligent movie, but those are the exceptions. This is pretty much the rule.

    More to come in the Mother of All Threads Yet to be Written: Must Porn Suck?

    So far, most of the evidence is not encouraging.

  20. Ernest,

    I look forward to it. But(t) fucking hurry up and fisk TPOP already, I'm dying to read what you have to say.

    (how much ya wanna bet someone somewhere in our hostile audience assumes something about me from my little joke up thurr? WHY YES, I LIKE TO FUCK BUTTS.)

  21. Trinity,

    You, like fucking butts? I'm shocked, shocked I say!

    Working away here. I'm going through this monster frame by frame it's slow, heavy labor, kinda like slogging through wet concrete, only not as pleasant.

    Thanks for bearing with.