Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Saw It Coming

Did anyone really think AIM could hold out forever against the combined onslaught of AHF's rapacious minions, Cal-OHSHA's ideologically motivated abuse of state power, waves of nuisance suits filed by AHF's lawyers on behalf of anyone and everyone who might conceivably make a claim against the organization, the carefully orchestrated media campaign against it mounted by Michael Weinstein and his toadies at the L.A. Times, the whole madness of Ponrolinks being laid at AIM's door with no concrete evidence that it's in any way responsible?

Did people just take it for granted that AIM is indestructible, or that the so-called "Big Players" in porn would rush to its rescue?

Whatever anyone was thinking, other than Weinstein's crew, AIM has always been a fairly fragile institution with one very important constituency that's been little heard from amid all the smoke and mirrors - the performers. They're the ones who need it to survive, and will be in much greater danger if the bullies and bloviators finally succeed in killing AIM, because they're the ones who will be at risk if the highly successful testing and monitoring system that AIM operated for ten years, during which this industry had a total of four work-related HIV transmissions out of the nearly thirty thousand new cases reported in L.A. County during that time, finally closes down and some chaotic patchwork of test facilities with differing methods rush in to take its place. That is, unless AHF and their pals actually succeed in destroying independent testing altogether so they can land that contract with the state to replace it with their own as yet undescribed substitute system?

Only the performers will suffer if AIM closes its doors, and who really gives a fuck about them in all this political chicanery? Certainly not those who stirred it up to begin with.

I'm not ready to hang crepe for AIM as yet. It's still doing remote draws, reporting results in a day and still maintains the all important unified data base that tracks test results for performers and producers, but when you read this, you may come away with the distinct impression that the battle is nearly over and AHF and Co. have won.

If so, congratulations Mr. Weinstein. You'll have destroyed the system that kept performers safe without offering anything useful in its place. If one performer gets sick as a result, the onus for that lands heavily on your balding head.

Read it and weep:


  1. I'd like to quote our friend Jordan Owen, who recently weighed in on AHF:

    "The thing to remember about AHF, just like the other anti-porn groups, is, as Orwell put it, that 'the war is not meant to be won. The war is meant to be continuous.' These groups do not champion the actual improvement of any real person’s actual life. Actual people are a disposable resource to them. They champion a cause but not the victims. The actual victims, of which Derrick Burts is just the latest figurehead, are either used as publicity props or ignored....

    "The irony is that these people champion causes for the sake of mistreating the target group in the very way they claim to oppose. You will find no more misogynistic person on this planet than Gail Dines, who claims to champion women’s rights. You will find no person more un-Christlike than Shelley Lubben. You will find no person more bigoted then Diana Boston. And you will find no person less concerned with the well being of the HIV+ than Michael Weinstein."

  2. If porn went away and an effective HIV vaccine were discovered, these predatory misery collectors would have to go out and get jobs like the rest of us. They would no longer have carte blanche access to mainstream media and their ego-driven public grandstanding would have no audience.

    The Censorship industry is a great gig. It pays steadily and well and allows its members to parade themselves as crusading heroes while they line their pockets with honoraria, paid publications, grants from governments and NGOs, tenured teaching positions and all the perks that go with being on the "right" side of the issue.

    If the issue went away, it would be a catastrophe for this pack of professional self-promoters.

    As with the drug way, which brings in billions for everyone from law enforcement agencies to building contractors, and though the social and economic costs for society are ruinous, it's a going concern for those participating in it.

    In neither case is the perpetual war likely to be won. Neither side would benefit from that.

  3. I see that a "Talent Testing Services" is now in operation, though it does not appear to be a nonprofit like AIM. I have no idea from their website what they charge for their services and how that compares to what expenses for AIM services.

    But I agree, even if one supports the idea of mandatory condom use, bringing down AIM helps how? Once again, we're seeing existing harm reduction measures being attacked because they don't fit somebody's notion of the way things "should" be.

  4. First off, nice to see the old gang at least commenting again. For a while, I was thinking I was the only one here. :-P

    To IACB: Actually, Talent Testing Services has been around as a competitor to AIM for quite a while; it's just that they have gotten considerably more business thanks to the debacles befalling AIM. Naturally, as they get more pub, they will come under the gun from AHF and Cal-OSHA as well, since Weinstein's not one to let anything get in the way of his payday.

    Incidentially..y'all might be interested in a entry I just did over at the Red Garter Club blog, whereas I dispatch a troll who attempted (and failed) to pollute this blog with another piece of antipornfem agitprop.

    Because You Just Have To Break It Down To Some Idiots... (The Red Garter Club Blog Ver. 3.0)


  5. T.T.E. has been around for some time and I can't comment on the quality of their services because I have no direct experience with them.

    What I can say is that they have no way of contributing their test results to AIM's data-base, which has been instrumental in keeping the talent-pool safe overall and responding with quick and effective contact-tracing when breaches in the safety net have occurred. I know the folks at County covet that monitoring function for themselves, but by law and policy, should they be entrusted with, they will be unwilling and unable to make their most current information available to the industry community in a timely fashion.

    Of all the damage done to AIM by those who have dog-piled it, none is more serious than forcing it to abandon its non-profit status, which was the basis of its claim as a community-based organization to act as a centralized source of information instantly at hand for producers, directors and performers.

    Now we enter the period when testing and monitoring will no longer be uniform, and that will take us back to the time before the dire events of 1998 that led to AIM's creation.

    I am entirely pessimistic about the outcome.

    And as for anony, I've been called worse by better. I'm pretty sure I know what crowd this person hails from, as the use of my name suggests long-standing personal grudges, and I can only say that I thrive on the hatred of haters. They remind me of why we must never cease to push back against their ignorance and bigotry.

    They're not going away but neither am I. Tough shit.

  6. Latest word is that Weinstein will be parading Burts, Lubben and his cronies from various government agencies before the city council once again to try hammering them into linking film permits to condom usage.

    Earth to Michael: Give it up. Film L.A. is in the business of making money off selling permits for the city. If they get into the content regulation business, which despite all your denials is exactly what you're pressuring them to do, there would be such an uproar from the mainstream producers they make real money from it would rattle windows in Barstow.

    This is is yet another pathetic Hail Mary as it becomes more obvious by the day that AHF, while pretty much wrecking AIM and destroying the existing system of safeguards for porn performers, will never get the political establishment, or the porn industry, to give it what it wants.

    Michael, I know you or your toadies read this blog and I'm telling you, you've picked a losing battle this time. Give it up before you do any more harm to performers and further discredit and humiliate yourself in the process.

    I know you're not used to people defying you, but this time you won't be getting your way, or your money. Ever. You should have figured that out by now but evidently you're more stubborn than you are smart, which mildly surprises me. I'd figure a slick operator like you would have figured out it was time to cut his losses and move on by now. Guess I gave you too much credit.

    Looking forward to your next circus act.

  7. Ernest, you should make it clear you're addressing Michael Feinstein here, not Whiteacre.

    OUR Mikey produced an awesome recent picture of a joyful Shelley Lubben getting her boobs autographed by Ron Jeremy. It's on the revised Luke Ford website,

  8. In addition, Michael Whiteacre now has created a YouTube video celebrating the blessed photo:

    Nice hypocrisy there, Shelley.


  9. Sheldon,

    Duly noted. Michael Whiteacre is an ally in good standing and an admirable human being, as well as a guy I like personally.

    Michael Weinstein is indeed the individual I was addressing and I strongly doubt that either of them would have the slightest difficulty telling who I was talking to, though I agree that readers who haven't been following along might not catch that.

    All apologies to my friend Mr. Whiteacre for any confusion I may of caused.

  10. Didn't see if my last comment made it through, so please feel free to disregard this one if it did.

    I addressed my remarks to Michael Weinstein from AHF, not to my friend and comrade Michael Whiteacre who is doing an heroic job of exposing the sordid background to the Mr. Weinstein's political maneuverings.

    Sorry for any confusion I may have caused there.

  11. It's all good. I've been a bit out of the loop lately due to some local distractions, and I should have said Weinstein, nor Feinstein.

    The Hedgehog has been quite an asset over the years; his easygoing charm exposes the hypocrisy of many of our enemies.

  12. There is a special place in Hell for people like Weinstein.