Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Return (???) Of Sex Hate: Kimberly Kupps Arrested in Polk County, Florida For...Videotaping Sex With Her Husband?!?!?

It's bad enough to face down the proposed condom mandate that is about to be thrown down on the porn industry in California.

It's just as bad to be facing the issue of piracy via tube sites, torrents, and thieves.

But you would think that in the year 2011, the idea that a woman could produce and make a profit off of selling tapes of herself having consensual sex with other consenting adults, and sell those videos to other willing consenting adults would have been an established truth.

You would think that...but apparently, the sheriff of Polk County, Florida, has a fundamentally different view.

And he just used the full power of his office to impose that view on a 55 year old woman whose only crime was to share her joy of sex with her husband with others.

You think this is some nightmare?? For Kimberly Kupps (real name Theresa Taylor), it's all too real.

The story, from

Kimberly Kupps Faces Obscenity Counts Over Web Content

LAKE WALES, Fla. Kimberly Kupps, who co-operates namesake site with her husband, was charged late Friday with 13 obscenity counts for content distributed over the Internet.

The 5’ 10” 55-year-old performer specializes in the big-boobs niche and had been on the radar of the Polk County Sheriffs Department for three months.

The Sheriff’s Department booked her under statute 847.5 on 13 counts of “wholesale promotion of obscene material.”

Kupps, whose real name is Theresa Taylor, started in the biz in March 1990 and currently lives in Lake Wales, Fla. She frequently comes to California for porn and photo shoots, according to her website.

Kupps was jailed along with her husband, Warren Taylor, who remains locked up; Kupps was released Saturday night after posting $7,500 bail.

According to the police report, a deputy paid an initial $19.95 membership fee to her website, where he found videos of Kupps having sex with men and women.

The deputy downloaded six videos, burned them to CDs and asked Judge Reinaldo Ojeda to review them.

Ojeda, according to the police report, said the videos were obscene material under state law.

Taylor, Kupps‘ husband, said he filmed the videos downloaded by the deputy and uploaded them for sale on

Taylor said the couple made an average of $700 monthly for the past four months.

XBIZ reached Kupps on Sunday, but she declined to give further details or comment on the arrests.

Keep in mind that most of what Kimberly Kupps produced was the standard fare of sex acts with her husband, solo acts, and sex with female friends that most "at home" porn sites provide.

And yet, this was considered "obscene" enough for officials in Polk County to investigate her for three months, gather information on her through her website, and ultimately get a local judge to rule her work as "obscene" under Florida state law, which ultimately cleared the way for her arrest. A local account of her arrest from the local newspaper The Ledger, can be found here.

Turns out that the sheriff, Graddy Judd, happens to be a full-on fundamentalist Christian with a history of using his office to impose his right-wing morals onto his community.

I guess that he feels that he's protecting his people from being corrupted from the power of Kimberly's exposed nipples, or vagina, or something or another. I wonder if he's this aggressive in hunting down actual criminals who commit real crimes and injure people.

Even many more Grady Judds out there are empowered by the Religious Right and the Antiporn "Feminist Left" to violate the rights and the lives of other women who make their livelihood making consensual sex vids and running consensual sex websites??

Nice Frankenstein monster you created, Gail Dines and Shelley Lubben. I know you are celebrating this. The rest of us, though, should hang our heads in shame and rage...and then fight like hell..


  1. Man polk county is rough, what happened to freedom

  2. Actually, this is a much more serious matter than just a single abuse of the law visited upon one performer. It's a clear shot across the bows to those who talk casually about moving the porn industry out of California if Cal-OSHA and Michael Weinstein get their way on the mandatory condom deal.

    It is a fact that, other than in New Hampshire, California is the only state in the U.S. that makes a legal distinction between porn and prostitution, as a result of the hard-won Freeman Decision.

    This is not a portable industry. In most parts of the country, you can get away with shooting pro-am stuff for the Web, but at any time if the local mounties decide you're a problem, or if you're simply not paying off the right brass, you could get nailed exactly the way Kimberly and her husband did.

    That's part of what makes the whole hideous campaign of vilification and litigious harassment that killed AIM such a disaster. Those who have pushed the condom mandate insist that those pornographers who don't like the new rules will either go out of business or leave the state, but there is a third alternative.

    With video technology so effectively miniaturized as it is today, it's possible to shoot commercial material completely in secret, without benefit of filming permits, condoms or HIV tests. It's already turning into the Wild West out here, with people testing where and when they please and sharing documents informally with other performers as was the case back in 1996 before AIM was created. That's how one male performer with forged test docs managed to infect six women before he was caught, leading to AIM's creation.

    Porn isn't leaving California for reasons KK and her hubby now understand. There's no place else to take it without risking a pandering bust. The rather remote possibility of being cited in a random Cal-OSHA sweep is much less intimidating.

    The result will be a return to the time when porn was made in secret with no safeguards at all wherever it was tolerated, and right now this remains the only state where it is.

    There's much more to be said about the secondary effects of the madness that's been ginned up out here by a few cranks and crooks, but this story certainly demonstrates one of them.

  3. What Polk County officials did was unconstitutional. I support Kimberly's right to free expression on the internet.

  4. I think Kimberley have right to do such thing, and is up to people either to watch or not.