Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marland "Sledge Hammer" Anderson, Police Taser Abuse, And Porn Performer Stigma

I wish that it didn't take a tragedy like this to jolt this blog out of its ennui...but sometimes stuff happens.

I had no idea of whom Sledge Hammer was until I saw the stories of his sudden and very untimely death last Thursday. For all I know and read, he was just like most other professional male porn performers who just went on living their for his mental health issues.

On the other hand, I am well acquainted with stories of police abusing Tasers and the resulting injuries and much so that I am slowly approaching progressive blogger Digby's position that we might as well banish those things permanently.

Where this story becomes interesting as well as tragic, though, is in the intersection between the image of the porn industry in LA, particulary in lieu of the city condom mandate law and the subsequent attempt to extend it through Los Angeles County, and the treatment of porn perfomers by the cops and authorities therof.

Most tales of porn mistreatment are about the women allegedly "trapped" in the "sex slavery" and "sex trafficking" world, or about the few women who make it to become highly publically successful.  Not much, though, is written about the men who pursue this business, since it's probably assumed that all you have to do is get someone with a 8" or larger dick off of the street, point him to some hot girls, and let nature do the rest.  In fact, it takes more than just a large erection to be a successful performer; the ability to sustain one's self and "finish" on cue is what seperates the wannabes from the pros....and from every testimony, Sledge was fast becoming a professional.

The circumstances surrounding Sledge's death are still being fleshed out and questioned, with the LA Times version of the details clashing with testimony from his girlfriend that was posted to (Cindi practicing journalism never sucks). In any case, the truth will out itself, and hopefully we will get something out of, maybe, a serious reassessment of how we treat mentally ill people?? performers??

Presente, Sledge/Marland.

BTW...please don't be fooled by buzzards disquised as "Christian porn star cam models" using faked up gossip sites engaging in Darrah Ford fantasies, exploiting Sledge Hammer's sudden death to blame "the porn industry" for offing one of its own for its own profit. The Illuminati is only another one of her many fantasies trapped within her personalities. Again, Monica...get over your selves. (No link, just Google.)

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