Monday, October 22, 2012

A Daily Kos Diarist Comes Out Against Measure B: The Beginning Of A Pro-Porn Left Rebellion??

Considering that most of the organized opposition to Measure B has come from the angle of intrusive government intervention into private industry or private behavior, or the costs of the regulations on legal California businesses (aka the LA-based porn industry), it's probably not too surprising that the "No on Measure B" campaign has taken on a tinge of classical conservative political bent.

This is why this latest diary that appeared in the liberal icon online site The Daily Kos probably surprised many people as it surprised the hell out of me.  And I'm pretty much far to the Left of center politically myself.

Soren Sorensen is a regular Daily Kos diarist and a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party State committee who is currently running to  become a delegate to the Minnesota brance of the Democratic National Committee. He blogs at DK under the handle "ImpeccableLiberalCredentials", and you wouldn't think that he would be even interested in an local county ordinance some 2,000 miles away.

Yet, somehow, Sorensen has been motivated to post three posts at Daily Kos sounding the clarion call for why Kossack progressives should join in on the opposition to Measure B.  His first post basically grafted the preexisting efforts of Steven St. Croix, Michael Whiteacre, and the work of the organization No On Government Waste in trying to raise the interests of reagular progressive readers.

His second post, on the other hand, managed to raise some eyebrows (especially those of AVN's Mark Kernes, who wrote an extensive analysis post at where he opined that the conservative slant of the No on B opposition would not be enough, in his words, to overcome the money advantage of AHF and the pro-condom mandate opposition, and that more progressive appeals would have to be made to the mostly liberal electorate of Los Angeles County. Quoting ILC:

It has been referred to as the Measure B - Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act, condoms in porn, and government waste. Today a social media blitz by adult entertainers opposed to the measure could help define the measure, and in a pro-government, pro-tax, progressive universe, the campaign against Measure B needs a progressive frame for most voters.

Right now both pro- and anti- campaigns are speaking to Romney/Ryan voters, and the whole reason this cynical ballot measure is on the ballot, most likely, is to turn out social conservatives and change California politics by affecting down ballot races, if not to enable a freak GOP win statewide. Somehow, a well connected GOP press flack - James Lee - has ended up running the principle anti- measure campaign, and only right-wing, anti-government frames are being activated in this contest.

The time is now for sex positive, pro-free speech progressives to make the case for voting NO on Measure B. What can you contribute to today's social media blitz?
ILC has even charged that Lee's conservative entry has an ulterior motive: to keep conservative and right-wing forces in Los Angeles County active enough to vote in the November elections and boost the voting totals for LA County Republicans and conservatives in an otherwise liberal state.

Sorensen's charges that the NOOnB campaign is a bit too stretched towards conservative frames is reflected of concerns that had been raised by another NOOnB activist,'s Michael Fattorosi, whom in an earlier post had beefed about the political history of  James Lee, the director of No On Government Waste and the chief spokesperson for the opposition. Lee had previously been on the staff of various right-wing organizations, and had worked as an aide to South Carolina US Senator Jim deMint.

Of course, the grand irony of all this is that Sorensen uses for much of his supposedly superior "progressive" framing linkage and YouTube videos from the NOOnB campaign, and particularly blog posts from The Real Porn Wikileaks site....whom is maintained by Sean Tompkins, whom is pretty darn conservative politically.

Thankfully, I do think that Lee and NOGW have done a sterling enough job of debunking the pro-Measure B propaganda that I'm willing to gloss over their conservative slant. But, Sorensen does raise some legitimate issues about how progressives have not been nearly as out in front in defending the rights of porn performers or the industry...and especially how much of the Left's discourse on porn is either indifferent, irrelevant, or somewhat dominated by the openly repressive and sex-negative viewpoints...mostly the radical antipornography feminists.

What's also becoming relevant is that there is much more diversity of political ideology in the adult entertainment field than what meets the casual eye. While most of the producers do tend to be more conservative (albeit more of the libertarian bent of conservatism), there are plenty of performers with more liberal or even progressive credentials...and more of them are coming out of their political shell. Of course, their political stances do take a back seat to their performances when the lights go on, but the notion that porn performers are reducible to either apolitical sluts more concerned with who they are banging or sucking at the moment or amoral wingnut perverts is steadily losing ground as social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook break down the barriers between performers and their fans.

We're probably not quite yet at the point where we will be seeing porn stars running for Congress (imagine a political debate between Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley along the same template as the Presidential debates)....but the success (or failure) of the NOOnMeasureB campaign will certainly open up new avenues of support for performers to express more of their humanity than merely how best to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.

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