Monday, August 29, 2011

BREAKING: Once Again, Into The Breach We Go: ANOTHER HIV Porn Scare???

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This is what you call really, really bad timing.

FSC Asks for Porn Moratorium After Possible HIV Exposure
In short, it appears that in the transition between the closure of AIM-ORG (the old testing center) and the establishment of APHSS,  fly-by-night organizations have been going around offering testing without the kind of follow-up for treatment or verification that AIM had in place, and what APHSS now does have.

This couldn't have come at a worse time, too, since I'm sure that the usual suspects (Shelley Lubben, Mike Weinstein, et. al.) are already preparing the press conferences to say that this proves once and for all that the testing system is a failure and only condoms are the true answer. Not to mention, this gives them pretty much the ammo they need to fuel their proposed ordinace to force the condom mandate.

But, that's a worry for later. The main thing right now is to offer comfort and protection to the infected performer, investigate and contain this outbreak (if it is confirmed), let the procedures run their course, and hope that nobody else is affected.

And, it's a damn good reason for performers to join APHSS and know and follow their protocols for testing. At least they reacted decisively and rapidly to contain this threat.

Addedum: Like I said,the Free Speech Coalition and APHSS wastes no time.  Here's some snippage from their official press release that was just posted to the site just a few minutes ago.

(CANOGA PARK, CA) -- Free Speech Coalition (FSC), as administrators of the Adult Production Health & Safety Services Program (, would like to address recent reports that an active performer may have tested positive for HIV.

FSC was made aware of the purported incident on Saturday by a reliable industry source. Most importantly, FSC would like to make clear that these reports were not involving testing facilities. This fact has limited the information gathered by FSC/ and we can neither deny nor confirm specific facts about this incident. Due to legal issues concerning patient privacy, FSC/, as of yet, is unable to implement exposure protocols and procedures.

It is the recommendation of FSC/ that an industry-wide moratorium on production be instituted immediately and continued for a time period until the primary reports are confirmed, and possible first and second-generation exposures have been identified. The quarantine can be extended after that point, if necessary.

According to the information that is available, the performer in question may have tested positive for HIV at a testing facility that does not appear to have protocols or procedures in place for medical follow-up (including generational testing).

However, FSC/ cannot act on the behalf of any testing facilities outside the system until we are requested to do so by the performer or any medical advisor authorized by the performer. Again, we have been in contact with concerned parties and have offered to assist them in anyway possible, while still remaining compliant with the performer’s wishes for assistance, in respect to legal constraints that require that the performer’s privacy be protected, as well as other compliance issues.

In addition to the moratorium on production, FSC/ also recommends that active performers who are concerned about possible exposure (or that would like to take extra precautions to confirm their own well-being) consider being tested as soon as possible.

FSC/ also recommends that industry members avoid spreading unverified information until the involved parties are able to confirm developments, or until information is received from an appropriate medical authority.

We are committed to assisting any industry members that have concerns involving this incident; if you have questions, please contact or But because this situation has occurred outside of the database program, we are limited in any available information until we are informed of any details or allowed to assist in implementing industry protocols.
Obviously, we'll keep you informed here if anything else breaks.


  1. It's so sad to say, but just as Ernest Greene and others have warned since AHF's attacks began in 2009, Michael Weinstein's agenda has led to both the destruction of AIM Healthcare, AND the driving of more and more adult production out of state -- where health and safety protocols either do not exist or are ignored by the unscrupulous.

    Initial reports/rumors at this time are that this new case (and all its supposed potential exposures) occurred in Florida. Does it not strike anyone as odd that, although the 2009 case (which took place in Nevada) and the 2010 Derrick Burts case (Florida) were not California-based productions, AHF's response has been to demand mandatory condoms in California, along with a Los Angeles-based ballot initiative?

    Even if enacted, these measures would have done NOTHING to prevent these cases of HIV exposures within the adult industry.

    If anything, AHF's relentless attacks on the California adult production industry will lead to MORE risk for performers, because someone, somewhere will always be willing to take risks that California workers would be prevented from taking.

    These are the people who DESTROYED the health clinic for adult industry performers, helped drive adult production out of state, and, in the process, fractured adult industry health and safety protocols designed to prevent and mitigate such incidents. Why? So that condom Nazi Michael Weinstein could assert that now that the industry's protocols have been compromised, "the responsible thing for the industry to do" is require condom use on all adult film sets.

    The problem isn't porn, and the problem isn't porn in California -- the problem is fanatics like Michael Weinstein.

  2. Well said, Michael...sad to see that Ernest's dire prophesies have come to such bitter fruit.

    It should be noted that Mike Weinstein has attempted in the past to impose his plans for a similar condom mandate to Florida, but has thus far been denied by the authorities. Perhaps he sees this LA ordinance as a test case to be replicated elsewhere??

    While speculation and rumor at this time is just that, and shouldn't be taken for fact until more information is released, some info is trickling in. Asa Akira just tweeted that while she didn't know the exact identity of the new "Patient Zero", she noted that she had never shot a scene in LA, and that the HIV+ test was her first time she had been tested in LA.

    That tells me that APHSS really needs to open up some branch offices in Florida and Vegas..STAT.


  3. Well that didn't take long. And it's only the beginning. Not only will production continue out of state while the situation is in flux, if Weinstein et al get their way, what production remains in LA is likely to be underground, with the kind of haphazard approach safety that such disorganization produces.

    Contact tracing? Generational reconstruction? Partner notification?

    These things will go right out the window with the all-barriers-no-testing approach that AHF and their pals want to institute.

    Not only should this canary-in-the-coal-mine warning send voters fleeing from AHF's crackpot initiative, it should push them and their sleazoid agenda right out of the public sphere, which is one possible result of the slow drip of incidents occurring since AIM went away.

    Thankfully, APHSS is stepping in promptly to try and fill the gap, and I think they'll do well out here for as long as they're allowed to operate much as AIM did.

    But if AHF's plan becomes law, you can pretty much forget about that too, because most shooting here will be sub-rosa and participation is likely to be spotty and unreliable at best, even here much less in other parts of the country.

    But hey, what is the health of a few performers when you're on a mission from god to raise more money?

  4. APHSS has approved test centers NATIONWIDE.

    Reports are that the performer in this case did not use one, and producer in question did not demand one.

    As for the Asa Akira tweet, I believe she is confusing two distinct incidents.

    Another rumor -- I repeat RUMOR, as in un confirmed report -- is that the APHSS program effectively STOPPED an aspiring performer with HIV from entering the adult talent pool in CA at about the same time this latest alleged infection episode occurred (reportedly in Florida).

  5. Exactly the situation I feared would arise once productions moved outside the existing system. Had this happened here, I doubt either a performer would have worked nor a producer would have hired said performer because of the community's established oversight.

    Nevertheless, I don't doubt Weinstein and Lubben are doing the happy dance today, just like they do every time a performer gets sick.

    Such caring people.

  6. Mike Weinstein I can't speak for..but in Ministress Lubben's case, considering the moves she was making at that fundraiser, I'd probably suggest that her happy dance included a stripper pole for a prop.


  7. The Lord makes her move in strange ways.

  8. I thought that was her meds.

  9. So what is one to do? It's anarchy, I have been sick to my stomach about this. These scares are happening to much. Whoever decided to cross us to mainstream and tell everyone that being a porn star was cool is a fool. Any dickhead with a dick can do a scene with the little blue pill.
    Step one no pills, that should clean the talent pool out a little bit. Real porn studs do not need pills. Just because you can play the guitar does not make you a rock star. There is more to it then just having a hard cock. People that have helped build and fight for this industry are having their careers taken away, because people coming in have no respect. No respect for this industry or themselves, so they surely have no respect for other people.
    So there it is my two cents, maybe I don't even know what I am talking about. Maybe I am the fool for still being around.