Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lies, Goddess Damn Lies....And Izzy Hall/AIDS Healthcare Lies: The "FIVE 2013 HIV+ Performer" Hoax Exposed

Memo to Isadore Hall and Michael Weinstein: If you are going to launch a campaign to force condoms down performers' throats and drive porn out of California, you might want to make sure you fact-check your talking points.

One of the main agitprop points that Izzy and Weinstein have used in support of their condom/testing bill, AB 1576, now off to the California Senate after passing the Assembly, is to note the five cases of HIV+ that were allegedly spread within the adult industry. That, according to Hall and Weinstein, proves their case that the testing system used by the industry is a abject failure and that the government must intervene with condoms and "stronger" barrier protection methods for performers' own good.

The main propagation of this "meme" was the press conference that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation had held last September, at the height of last year's scare, where they officially welcomed initial infectees Cameron Bay and Rod Daily into the AHF propaganda fold. By that time, a third performer had been confirmed to have been infected with HIV; subsequent revelations have revealed that that she may have been a close personal friend of Bay and Daily, and possibly could have gotten infected through them or outside of shooting film.

That presser also featured two other supposed "victims" of HIV+ porn infection. Joining through teleconference was an unnamed (other than "John Doe") male performer who claimed to have been infected within the previous six months, but offered no other pertinent information. (A related note: in December of last year, PASS (the agency that ,monitors porn performer testing, did confirm that a gay male condom-only performer did test "reactive" for HIV. No connection between this and "John Doe" has ever been established, however.)

The "fifth victim" was a condom-only gay male performer named Patrick Stone, who claimed that he was booked for a shoot with Kink.com during the moratorium forced by Cameron Bay's infection. Kink.com's protocols do allow for gay men to shoot with a condom, and there was no information given that Kink knew of Stone's status when booking him in advance. Plus, it turned out that Stone's test was a false positive; he was ultimately cleared of any infection.

It was those "five victims" that Isadore Hall bellowed down the halls of the California Assembly in order to pimp his bill through that chamber. Well, that, and Cameron Bay's crocodile tears of being "betrayed" and cast aside by the filthy "porn industry".

The anchor in all this is the belief that both Cameron Bay and Rod Daily were infected at the notorious Kink.com shoot for a video the two did on August 31st. That was the one where Bay allegedly unintentionally drew blood on the penis of Xavier Corvus during an overaggressive blowjob, temporarily stopping shooting. Bay was given, according to her own re-accounting and that of other performers working there, the options of bailing out of the shoot, finishing the shoot with Corvus either with or without a condom, or having her boyfriend Rod Daily finish her off. Obviously, Cameron elected to continue on with Corvus unwrapped...though in her more recent testimonials of victimhood, she's been implying that she was coerced into continuing.

Corvus was also forced to endure undue scrutiny when some people questioned his status despite testing negative both before and immediately after the Kink.com shoot; with some folk questioning why he should not have waited longer (like, say, 3 to 6 months) to resolve whether or not he was really in the clear regarding HIV testing. Subsequent testing has further confirmed his status as free of infection, though.

And that's the inconvenient fact that manages to escape Hall and Weinstein and anyone else who wants to exploit the Kink.com shoot for mandatory condoms: Not one performer who did that scene who was tested has been found to be infected with HIV....either before, immediately after, or since then even to today.

That seriously begs to question how Bay and Daily (and, by extension, Perfomer #3) did in fact get infected, and whether it was more off-the-clock activity was the source of their infection. But, the actions of particularly Daily, who deliberately removed himself from the PASS testing protocols just when he manage to get infected, and refused to cooperate with PASS regarding sourcing his infection through viral load analysis, especially raise some disconcerting issues. Could it be that Bay and Daily are deliberately cloaking their true source of infection in order to serve their new paymasters at AHF?

The other aspect of this Big Lie was that Izzy Hall has been squawking to any microphone within range that he has the backing of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which he says backs up his "FIVE KNOWN TRANSMISSIONS OF HIV IN PORN!!!!!!!" meme. He even asserted so much in a recent interview for an article in the Sacramento Business Journal. (In the same interview, Izzy pooh-pooh away the notion that the porn industry would leave California if his bill passed, because the only places where porn can be "legally" produced are Cali and New Hampshire.)

Problem for Izzy was, the Sacto Biz Journal actually practices journalism; and they went directly to LACDPH to verify Hall's smack. This retraction, thusly included in the original article, was the result:
Due to misleading information provided by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Los Angeles Department of Public Health documented five HIV transmissions of adult film actors in 2013, and that commercial pornography was only legal in California and New Hampshire. The LADPH drew no conclusive link between HIV and adult film production in 2013, and notes that such connections are difficult to determine. While California and New Hampshire have legitimized pornography by determining that production doesn’t violate prostitution laws, other states have been less specific on the issue, and adult film production regularly occurs outside of California.
Of course, the LACDPH might have a particular bias about this, considering that AHF had originally wanted to break off the city of Los Angeles from their jurisdiction and form a seperate health care entity.

And then, there are the studies that have been bandied about by AHF from the LACDPH allegedly proving how prevailent HIV/AIDS and other STI's are in porn as compared to other segments of the population. The problem there is that those studies have been alleged to be deliberately cooked and fatally flawed by comparing the performer pool to the general population, miscounting multiple cases of performer treatment of the same infection as seperate infections, and generally throwing facts out of certain orfices. See Dr. Lawrence Mayer's particular debunking of those studies here.

And to further sour Izzy's and Weinstein's day, the LACDPH simultaneously put out this statement clarifying their position on HIV/STI transmission in porn. (snipped from The Real Porn Wikileaks)
The previous statements made by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health regarding sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevalence among performers in the adult film industry were based on estimates, as the total number of adult film performers is unknown and individuals are not required to report their occupation to receive STD screening.
Since 2010, the reporting of occupational information for adult film performers has declined due to several factors, including the closure of AIM Medical, patient concern with privacy, and the likely substantial decline of adult film production in Los Angeles County (LAC). Furthermore, most performers have private sexual lives and non-film related sexual activity in addition to their work in the adult film industry, and so it is difficult to determine where STDs may have been acquired—as a result of personal sexual choices or on set. Therefore, we cannot determine the current rates of STDs among adult film performers in LAC.
In 2012, a total of 64,979 STDs were reported in LAC, with an unknown percentage associated with the adult film industry. The total includes all reported LAC HIV cases but does not include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia or other non-HIV STDs in Long Beach and Pasadena.
Long Beach and Pasadena have their own standalone health departments, independent of LACDPH.

Let's put this in perspective, y'allz: There were 64K cases of STD's in Los Angeles County in 2012. During that year, there was only ONE possible case of a porn performer testing positive for HIV...and that turned out to be a false positive. Meaning, there was ZERO cases of any porn performer in Los Angeles County contracting HIV from a porn set...as there has been since 2004.

And, the only cases where there was the potential possiblilty of HIV spread on porn sets (which were subsequently proven to be negative) occured in gay porn sets. Where condoms were freely available and used. By performers who also escorted on the side. And, outside of California. See Derrick Burts.

Yeah....I can see the flames emmitting from Izzy Hall's ass from clear down here in South Louisiana. That's not climate change, fool...that's your lies coming back on you.


  1. Overall, very satisfying to see the tailspin into which AHF and Hall have plunged accelerating by the minute. All the more so because the LACDPH has been anything but friendly to the porn business in the past. At the legislative hearing in 2004, it was the department's since-retired chief, John Fielding who led the charge for mandatory condoms while Michael Weinstein defended the existing system of universal testing.

    Since then, Dr. Fielding's department has found someone it hates worse than it does us. It hates AHF for suing them and accusing them of dereliction of duty. Now, along with an ever larger battalion of detractors, the county weighs in against the lies AHF has spoon-fed to Hall. There's something appropriate in all this that could be funny, but for one sentence in the quote from the department:

    "Since 2010, the reporting of occupational information for adult film performers has declined due to several factors, including the closure of AIM Medical ..."

    And whose fault is that exactly? AHF and LACDPH were in a mad race to see which could get us shut down first at the time it happened. Now, when it does no good at all, the county concedes that we did a better job than they have since. Thanks, guys. I feel so much better now.

    None of this would ever have happened if the county, and the industry, hadn't stood by with their hands in their pockets while AHF crushed us under the weight if its high-paid legal muscle.

    I'm waiting for an apology but I think it's going to be a long, long wait.

  2. I'd be a bit more satisfied, Ernest, were it not for that campaign to break off the City of Los Angeles from the LACDPH, which AHF recently announced had made it to initiative status for this coming November's election. They may have pissed off enough power folk in L. A. to bring the hammer down on them, but they still have money, and the same electorate that bought into Measure B could very well buy into their plan to segregate L. A. to get all those fat contracts they weren't getting from LA County.

    Over-under on them suceeding?? And, when the court finally puts Measure B to rest, will that temper Izzy's enthusiasm...or will that have to wait until the gravvy train stops flowing?

  3. Big difference between Measure B, which was supported by a number of activist groups, including (shamefully) Planned Parenthood. The issues were more complex than as presented and our side did a miserable job of fighting it.

    However, restructuring the county health system is a huge, vastly expensive undertaking not supported by much of anyone and savagely opposed by both the city and country governments. It offers on tangible benefit to the majority of voters, is certain to cost them money and may complicate their access to health services. AHF may have been able to qualify it, but it has none of the sensational appeal of Measure B and AHF stands alone behind it against powerful enemies. It's clearly intended to intimidate the existing political leadership here and it doesn't look to me, from reading the local press, like it's working. Its voter appeal is very limited compared to Measure B.

    As for those contracts, given the bitter hostility among AHF and both governments involved, I can't imagine AHF being thrown any bone should this nuisance campaign succeed. In fact, it will only make them a bigger target for the ruling establishment here

    As for Hall, he's termed out in the House and his election to the Senate is far from a sure thing. He's badly damaged his credibility and there's plenty of grumbling in his district, which has a very high concentration of HIV cases and no AHF clinic, over what is clearly special interest legislation that doesn't help his constituents. After he's out of office, AHF will cut him off like they do everyone who is no longer useful.

    We're still deep in the woods and not doing much better at finding our way out, but there are others involved who navigate this territory far more effectively.