Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Enter the SmackDog.....

Many of you here may know me from my SmackDog Chronicles blog, where I have posted profusely on the very same subjects of porn and sex work from pretty much the same position as Renegade's (albeit, more from the angle of a regular consumer and a progressive, Left-of-center defense of sexual speech and expression than from Ren's personal one as an active sex worker and part-time pornographer).

Needless to say, I am greatly honored that Ren has invited me to guest blog on her turf, since aside from some minor differences in approach, we both share common beliefs on the nature of defending consensual sexual expression and sexual media from the slanders and outright lies put forth by those who call themselves antipornographyradicalfeminists (henceforth shortened to the anagram APRF's), as well as attacks from the more traditional Religious Right.

Like Ren, I have had to cross swords numerous times with some of the APRF's luminaries and chief Swift Boaters; and like Ren, I remain quite awed and whelmed by their ability to attack the messenger rather than face the real issues of their ideology and their actions in real life. And yet, their actions have grave consequenses for not only those in the sex industry and sexual media who are fighting for their rights to perform their chosen profession with the maximum of safety, informed consent, and mutual respect; but also the basic and fundamental rights for all decent people.

I make no apologies for my defense of explicit sexual media or of consensual sex work amongst adults; nor am I of any illusions about the complaints of occasional misogyny, racism, classism, ageism, and other criticisms of explicit sex media or sex work that do have legitimate weight and deserve a fair and honest hearing. (For that matter, neither is Ren or any other "pro-sex" or "sex-positive" spokesperson worth his/her salt.) Where I absolutely draw my line in the sand is at attempts to directly or indirectly use the power of the state or other such authoritarian tactics to shame, humiliate, punish, or otherwise denigrate those who use, consume or produce sexual media without harm or malice to others. Whether they be man, woman or transgendered; gay, straight, bi, or poly; fully abled or with disability; vanilla or kinky; whether they go for implants, naturally endowed, or less endowed; whether they rather their personal sex practices alone in a dark room or at a sex club with long as they treat others with the utmost respect and do no harm to others against their stated will, there should be no issue with anyone regarding their chosen profession.

I'll simply let Ren's introductory post on the circumstances that led to the founding of this blog speak for itself, since it says as much as needed to be said. Later on, I'll add a few stories of my own clashes with the lunacy known as NoPornNorthhampton, as well as several rumbles that I have had with other APRF activists. For a nice summary of that particular organization, a visit to the countersite MoPornNorthampton should be a must for any sexual liberationist or libertarian to be.

All right....enough from me for now. Since this is Ren's baby, so to speak, I'll let her take the lead back. More from me, anon.

Errrrrr....out. (It's a (Jim) Rome thang....only real Clones understand....heheh :-) )



  1. Thankee.

    BTW...I do have some links to some nice anti-censorship and pro-sex (if not neccessarily pro-porn) sites that I would love to share..but I don't yet have the authority to post them. I understand if you don't want to give up that authority just yet, so I can email them to you if I can get your addy.

    Like I said at your head blog, it's about damn time.


  2. i like the idea of only allowing edits til someone replies.


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