Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Devil And Shelley Lubben" (A Whiteacre/Lee Production): The Definitive Takedown Of A Fanatical Lunatic (Updated)

[Updated....scroll to bottom.]

Well....what was once potential is now officially real and visible.

The previous post had promised an expose/documentary of Shelley Lubben....and today, Michael Whiteacre and Lydia Lee (aka Julie Meadows) have delivered on thei promise with the first two episodes of their documentary.

Needless to say, "The Devil and Shelley Lubben" packs the full punch.

Episode 1 gives us the background of the method behind Ministeress Lubben's madness regarding her views on porn and her history as a sex worker turned fundamentalist antiporn activist in denial of her own responsibility for her own actions and words.

Episode 2 goes into Lubben's pet theories about how porn inevitably leads to abuse and disease and rape, using testimony from active and former performers (including Nina Hartley and Lydia Lee/Julie Meadows herself) to directly and forcefully repudiate all of the memes she has sprouted and promoted. It also includes one of the co-stars of one of Lubben's videos refuting forcefully her claim of being "raped" in the shooting of said video.

You can find the episodes both at Mike Whiteacre's YouTube channel and at Julie Meadows' blog....but in the interest of full exposure, I will also post the vids here after the jump.  They are THAT damn powerful.

Just listen in and pass your own judgment.


Update (2-16-11):

The virus -- or, should I say, the antivirus -- seems to be spreading far and wide. Here's a sampling of the blogs/sites which have either reposted or commented on the Lubben documentary so far:
Julie Meadows' Blog (appropriate, since she co-produced the damn thang)
Michael Whiteacre (via his YouTube channel -- see above)
Dr. Chantelle Tibbals (Porn Valley Vantage - PVV)
Danny Wylde (Trve West Coast Fiction)
Monica Foster (via her blog)

A special shoutout goes to Mark Kernes Tom Hymes over at AVN, who just posted a very detailed summary/synopsis of the first two episodes.

 Bonus: A website has now been set up where you can see the entire collection of the documentary, as well as the preparatory trailer.

One additional note: Jessi Fischer over at The Sexademic, whom also posted the vids at her site as well, is scheduled to debate Ministeress Lubben this weekend over at Cambridge University in London. Good luck, Jessi..and break her legs.  Figuratively speaking, of course.

As more sites/blogs post the series, or when the next set of vids comes out, they will be acknowledged here.

Update #2 (2-20-11):

Well..it seems that Shelley's peeps aren't too happy to have people outing her..because they complained loud enough to YouTube enough to have them pull Episode 2 from view.
Interesting that they focused more of their ire on the second episode, which was much less personal, than the first one??  Maybe it was because they didn't like the competition from folks like Nina Hartley, Melissa Monet, Lydia Lee, and Kayden Kross??

But, never fear, Clones...Mike and Lydia weren't born yesterday....they had a backup plan.

If the video doesn't appear, you can still find it here:

The Devil And Shelley Lubben" Episode 1 (Blip.tv)

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