Monday, February 16, 2015

Because Porn Women Are People Too: Support Cytherea's Recovery Through You Caring

I would have hoped that once I removed the widget for Christy Mack's donation drive for recovery from War Machine's abuse, it would be the last time I'd have to reference an assault on a sex worker/performer. Sad to say, though, once again I have to come forth with a plea for supporting one of our sheroes.

Cytherea was a very popular adult performer in the late 90's and early 2000's, known originally as "Squirtwoman" due to her propensity for major gushing of her....shall we say, her lady pleasure juices. She retired from feature performing in the mid 2000's to pursue a more normal "soccer MILF" life.

Unfortunately, that life took a viciously tragic turn last month, when a group of thugs broke into her home while she and her family were present. Cytherea was badly beaten and sexually assaulted (yes, that means she was raped); and her home was robbed of several valuables.

The perpetrators of the robbery/assault have been apprehended and are currently awaiting trial; but the aftereffects of their attack have seriously affected Cytherea both personally and financially. Hence, a fundraising drive has been established through the site by close friend/current performer Joclyn Stone, with the backing of TRPWL.

In addition, other performers have rallied in support of Cytherea as well: Mercedes Carrera, known mostly as one of the fast rising porn girls as much as for her past educational achievements, is dedicating all of the proceeds of her camshows for this week to Cytherea's recovery fund. Her announcement of this on her YouTube channel also includes a biting rant at what she sees as the silence of feminists in supporting sex workers who are victims of assault. Here's her rant, taken before tonight's camshow:

In support and solidarity for Cytherea, I have added a widget for her fundraiser to the sidebar of this blog's home page. Please, y'allz...give whatever you can to help her.'s Cytherea giving her thanks to all who have and will contribute (from TRPWL):

May she get a full recovery, and the perpetrators of her assault get the justice they deserve.