Saturday, September 27, 2008

SPC Slide Show Back up

Those lovely folks at Stop Porn Culture!, after a brief retreat no doubt occasioned by all the attention called to the blatant violations of 18 U.S.C 2257 contained in their porn-bashing slide show, are once again making this odious pack of lies, complete with all 88 non-compliant images, available to anyone who visits their site with just the click of a mouse to indicate that the user is over 18.

Still no compliance statement. Still no legal language on the front conforming to 2257 regulations. Still no keeper of records information. Still no disclaimer asserting that all the performers whose stolen likenesses appear in the presentation are over 18 (which the producers couldn't prove if they had to since they pirated the content and have no records to substantiate such a claim).

In other words, they've gone back to flagrantly flouting federal laws that the rest of us obey on pain of fine and imprisonment.

There is a comment section on their Web site. Perhaps someone should bring it to the producers' attention that they are committing numerous felonies for which they may later face charges, and that they rightly should because they still have no evidence that minors do not appear in any of the images used in the finished product.

Let's make them aware that we're still watching them and that the heat is still on. If they don't take those non-compliant images out of their line-up, sooner or later, they'll get to find out what lawful pornographers already know, which is that throwing your defiance of federal statutes in the face of law enforcement is a very good way to end up a criminal defendant.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nina Rides A Vette Now (With Update)

Update (9-21-08): Two points of correction, thanks to Vicky and Ernest:

1) I may have given the impression that Nina's original site was no longer functioning. That is NOT the case, it is still up and running, but only as a basic commercial paysite without the features such as a forum for communicating with her fans.

2) The site that is being hosted at Vicky's place ( is basically a clone of, but it does include access to a section of Vicky's own members-only forum that is dedicated to Nina personally. Membership in Vicky's site is required, however, to access the forum; such membership also gets you access to as well.

I have been seriously thinking about offering some space of my Red Garter Club website for a free forum or blog that would archive some of the most important threads off Nina's old forum for public access; as well as serve as a free form of access for those Nina fans who might not be as able to pony up for a membership to Nina's or Vicky's sites. I will consult with Nina and Ernest and Vicky for their thoughts before I do anything; I don't want to step on any toes.

Original post:
This may not fit into the usual political and intellectual stuff, but it is more than worth announcing if you are as much a Nina Hartley fanatic as I am.

As you may well know, Nina's original official website, , has been in a state of limbo these past months following an ugly incident where her forum board was invaded and hacked by a group of fundamentalist Muslim extremists. The remainder of the site was unharmed, but due to the breach of security, the forum was permanently suspended and the site had to be refurbished....much to the chagrin of regular members of the board who had enjoyed the stimulating conversation and discussion about all matters concerning Nina.

However, I do have great news to proclaim: Nina has now revived her site under the domain of , with the assistance and bandwidth space donated by colleague, supreme MILF, and outright badass, fine-ass, and boobalicious blonde bombshell Vicky Vette ( ), who has been a rising starlet amongst adult Internet performers and who recently scored a major coup by being voted as's Booble Girl of the Year for 2008.

In addition to that, Vicky has been an outspoken voice not only for sexual media and sex positivity (and she has her criticisms of the industry, too, which she's not afraid to vent on occasion. She has depended on the loyalty of her devoted fans (whom she lovingly refers to as the Vette Nation Army) and her own special....ummmm, assets to become a rising starlet in the adult Internet scene...though she mostly does content solely for her site.

I'm going to try to see if I can get Vicky to surf through the BPPA...and who knows, I may even get her to post some opinions. She might not have quite the....ummmm, edge of Ren, but she does bring a lot to the plate....and I don't just mean her 36DD chest, either.

Members of Vicky's site can chat with her through her exclusive Members' Board (in which Nina also has a section dedicated to her); everyone else can meet her though her MySpace and Facebook pages.

BTW...Nina has also set up her own Facebook page, find it here.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just one question...

This isn't going to be a long and intellectual post, as I'm rather tired from working hard this week and playing hard this weekend. But, since I know from recent posts that some people from the anti-pornography crowd are watching this blog at the moment, I've got a question for them.

I understand that you feel that some sexual acts and interests involve degrading people, usually women. But what do you think is happening when someone who likes rough sex is begging for more -- or even getting irritated with his or her partner because it's not rough enough? Because last night I heard a whole lot of "More!" and even "That's not enough."

Is this only a problem if it's a depiction in pornography? Is this only a problem if the person who wants to be treated more roughly is female? A woman? Transfeminine?

It really puzzles me. I don't understand what the word "degradation" means when it's connected to acts or to kinds of sex or fetishes. To me, one person degrades another if he regards that person as lesser and intends to treat her in a degrading way.

Can that happen on a porn set? Sure. Do some people have fantasies about very harsh treatment? Sure, and yeah, there are genres of porn centered around it. (Though I do have to say I've used porn for a fairly long time and I didn't know about the very rough stuff the anti-porners always mention until I met Ren. Was I aware it existed? Yeah, but only vaguely. While it's true that the plural of anecdote is not data, but I do find myself wondering just what percentage of consumers are big fans of that subgenre, what percentage occasionally use it, and what percentage don't.)

But, well, Ernest mentions in his response to the Price of Pleasure trailer that the scene on which he puts a collar on a woman is affectionate because that's where they were in their relationship at the time. Porn revealing something about an actual relationship? Smiley affectionate tenderness and D/s? Say it ain't so!

Anyway... is that "degradation?" If we take what Ernest is saying at face value -- that they were in a relationship, that this was intimate nice stuff for them -- where's the "degradation?"

I can't engage with the worry that pornography is degrading -- or the definition of pornography as depictions of degradation -- until I know what we mean by degradation in the first place, and why degradation doesn't depend on context.

Friday, September 5, 2008

People get testy when things don't go their way...

As in, here.

It seems the author has a problem wiht critique of the "fair and unbiased" anti-porn film "The Price of Pleasure", and of course, assumes we just attack the hell out of everyone involved with it, including SKL, who is/was a sex worker.

Ahem. Actually, I believe SKL's representation as a star of mainstream porn was what was in question, not her sex worker status? There is no question that SKL was involved with sex work, yet never pornography as her primary field, and never in "Mainstream" porn which is what the film is supposedly discussing? Thus, it is not unfair or wooo, horrible mean to assume that SKL is no expert on mainstream pornography. Her status as a sex worker is not in question. Her status as a veteran of porn valley is...and SKL is no such thing, thus, her being included in this "fair and unbiased" film about the mainstream porn is...well, biased.

Now, since I've already been accused by half the free world of being a horrible, sadistic rapist or whatever, I will go ahead and say this now: Gee, we get to be critical of anti porn films that pass themselves off as unbiased, and be just as critical of them as other folk get to be of porn. We get to question the creds and motivations of the people making and in these films, just like you get to question the creds and motivations of people making porn. SKL put herself out there as an authority on a subject, and thus, she is subject to questions and critiques...just as any other person who puts themselves into such a role is.

No one here doubts her feelings on sex work, or her expierences, or her views on her job or other such things. What we question is her status as an authority on pornography, especially mainstream pornography, which is what this film is supposedly dealing with.

Get it now? I certainly hope so.