Thursday, November 29, 2007

Emily Sander (aka Zoey Zane): Sex Hate Claims Another Individual

If you ever needed to know why this blog needs to exist, than this latest bit of tragic breaking news should make the issue as clear as ever.

This comes directly from the Zoey Zane website, straight on the heels of the report of her confirmed murder and abandonment (with a tip of the hat to James over at the Adult Sites Search Yahoo! group).

We currently are working with a local bank in Kansas to setup a reward fund for the capture of Isreal Mireles. Please check back to this url for updated info.....

18-year-old Emily Sander was a college student from Kansas who was missing for nearly a week after Thanksgiving weekend. She was last seen leaving a bar in El Dorado, Kansas about 30 miles from Wichita, with a man identified by police as Israel Mireles, 24 years old, authorities said. El Dorado police found evidence of foul play after entering Mireles' hotel room where he was living. A nationwide hunt went on to find Emily. Emily was a beautiful, young spunky girl - 5'3" at 105 pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes that could light up the room. She had just started college and was looking forward to getting her degree so she could move back home to Texas where all her friends and family were.

Sadly, Emily's body was found 50 miles East of where she was last seen with Mireles, on Thursday, November 29, 2007 around 2:30pm near Toronto Lake in Kansas. Emily's life ended too soon. Her case was quickly updated to a homicide, and a nationwide manhunt is now under way for Mireles and his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend, who both started on the run just after Emily's disappearance, known to be heading South. Mireles was driving a 2007 Ford Taurus rental car, which turned up Tuesday, November 27 in Texas, just near where he had family. Authorities believe that he is either trying to cross the Texas border to Mexico, or have already crossed the border. He also has family ties in Mexico.

It truly saddens us to see, in this day and age, that we still live in a society that ridicules a women for doing something that is completely legal. There was some incorrect information leaked to the press yesterday by a unknown individual named "David Thomas" claiming to have information about Emily's "Porn" career. We want to set the record straight. Emily was a solo nude model whose site went live September,25 2007. She was exactly that - a solo girl. There was no interaction between Emily with any Male. It was just Emily, her fun-loving personality, and the camera. We decided, a day before the media reports came out about Emily's "porn" career, to take down her website out of respect to Emily and Emily's family. We were unaware if Emily's family knew of the site and didn't want to add any unneeded stress or burden to them. The last thing we wanted was for her case to turn into a "missing porn star" case, which is exactly what the media turned it in to, which sadly took away the focus of Emily's disappearance and the importance of finding Isreal Mireles.

Of course, it surprises me like not at all that the tabloid media is playing up the "innocent girl corrupted and killed by porn" angle, it's the only way they know how to get ratings these days.

And it doesn't surprise me one bit either that all the usual antipornradicalfeminist posse will exploit this case as a wedge to indict and convict all porn and all the men who consume it for the apparant individual crime of Isreal Mireles.....that is the only way THEY can seem to keep their myopias afloat. freakin' surprise that some will attempt as is the usual to try to pin the blame on Ms. Sander/Ms Zane for her own if her chosen hobby, her body piercings, her love of sex, or her choice of drinking partners had anything to do with the nature of her far too premature death.

(Don't even try, ByrdBrain....this blog is not a free carrier.)

All I care about is that a woman who hasn't even begun to live her life has had it taken away from her tragically, suddenly, and horribly.....and the real culture of sexual fear and loathing and sex-hate -- the REAL culture of death -- has claimed another victim.

Only God and the criminal justice system will ultimately judge Isreal Mireles....but untill we get over ourselves and accept that young women should be fully free and responsible to make their own choices with their own bodies, sexually or otherwise, and have those choices respected and accepted....then the ultimate judgment will fall on all of us who watch all this happen and merely blink and nod in response.

This, ladies and gentlemen and 'ye of transgender, is what sex hate ultimately leads to.

Presente, Ms. Emily/Zoey.

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  1. It's not surprising that I first read about this tragic story via a link from a particularly toxic porn gossip site to a right-wing blog. Those who hate sex work and sex workers have already seized on the case as one of those "cautionary tales" of which they are so fond.

    It is, in fact, an evil thing done by an evil human being. The occupation or personal habits of the victim are wholly irrelevant to the facts of the case. Murders of this kind have happened throughout human history and continue to happen in societies that are tolerant of sex work and societies that are intolerant of sex work. Indeed, in the latter, surviving victims of sex crimes are more likely to be punished than perpetrators, as we're seeing in Saudi Arabia right now.

    It's too soon to know, but I rather imagine it will turn out in the end, if the suspect is apprehended, that he knew nothing of the victim's occupation whatsoever and would have killed her regardless had the opportunity arisen. This, of course, won't stop a future defendant's lawyers from putting the deceased on trial and attempting to devalue her life, and thus the horror of the crime committed against her, because she "wasn't a good girl" and therefore "had it coming."

    Sadly, there might just be the one juror necessary to prevent a conviction out there who thinks this way, which is why it's so important that we continue to insist on the human dignity and human rights of all women, including those who dare to flout convention in their private lives or choices of employment.

    Violence against any is violence against all. Precisely the extent to which this atrocity appears, thus far, to have been more or less random and unrelated to the details of the dead woman's life is the real cautionary tale behind the lurid headlines.

  2. Sadly, Emily Sander is the third porn model in the last three months to fall victim to murder, Emily Egan and Haley Paige being the other two. And in all three cases, the media had a field day with the "double life" and "victim of the porn industry" angles. To be fair, in the cases of Egan and Paige, their murderers were boyfriends who were also working in the industry, but its still more than a little bit unfair to blame everybody in the porn industry collectively for the actions of these guys. And in the case of Sander, it doesn't seem like there was any connection between her killer and porn at all. A random killing by a violent sociopath, basically.

  3. And it took, like, five seconds for the usual APRF mouthpieces to attempt to worm their way into the debate by appropriating the dead memory of Ms. Sander.

    Witness this grand larceny guessed it, the current (at least for now) Free Soil Party candidate for President of the United States of America:

    When I look at this sweet face, I “see” her mom, eating carefully while she was expecting, reading the baby books, anticipating Emily’s birth. I see the baby girl in her cradle with her pink receiving blankets and musical mobile, with her Binky and her “bankie”. I see the baby book recording Emily’s first smile, first word, first tooth, first boo-boo. I see the little Kindergartner on her first day of school with her backpack and school supplies, her fear and her bravery. I see the Brownie selling Girl Scout Cookies, the daughter helping her mom set the table or carry in the groceries, the youngster wrapping homemade Christmas gifts, caring for her kitties, decorating her bedroom, writing notes to her girlfriends. I see the slumber parties, summer jobs, homework, school dances and parties, first love, first broken heart. I see her in her cap and gown at her high school graduation with her family in attendance where her mom cried and wondered what happened to the baby girl in the cradle and where did all the years go. I see the college catalogs, the applications, the kisses goodbye and then off to college, the dreaming of big dreams.

    [Heart from this entry from Womens' Spaces: The Margins]

    You never would have thought from reading Heart(less)' prose that Emily Sander actually CHOSE to go into adult sexual media on her own to begin with; that she wore tattoos and body piercings and chose her own dates..or that she herself made up the "Zoey Zane" character; or that she had only done nude pics and solo scenes of her own choosing. Nope, it's all just a figment of the imagination of all the men who "degraded" and "abused" her, up to and including her eventual assailant.

    The news coverage of this murder is disgusting and disgraceful. It brings into stark clarity the way this world hates young women. Emily Sander was no “porn star.” Whatever photos she may have put up of herself on the internet, whatever money misogynist creeps paid to see them, none of it has anything at all to do with the fact that a man butchered her. This should not serve as a warning to other women. This is not a cautionary tale. This is not about the bad woman getting her just desserts while onlookers peep and mutter like the fools and haters they are. The zeal to sensationalize and pornify this senseless hate crime is nauseating and horrifying.

    May the man who butchered Emily Sander come to justice. May someone in his family display some evidence of conscience, for god’s sake, find an attorney willing to help, and urge him to turn himself in. As to Emily’s family, I wish they could bring lawsuits against each and every one of the newspapers and “journalists” so-called and publications which have turned their daughter’s senseless, hideous murder into a source of titillation for misogynists, haters, pornographers, and sadists everywhere. What disgusts me most of all is, such a lawsuit is probably not even possible. The pornifying of a young woman, including the pornifying of her brutal murder, is just so much free speech. Most people would say with a straight face that she brought it on herself.

    That most of the "pornification" of Ms. Sander in the media was done mostly by those who would personally be much closer to Heart's core view about porn than anyone who actually viewed her videoes or even those who helped her create her fledgling site, seems kind to have gotten lost in the ether-tainted atmosphere of Heart's nether world. But then again, nothing that she says surprises me any more; I'm still waiting for her to break out the "male illegal aliens use porn to abuse and kill innocent woman" card.

    Having a young woman so brutally killed is bad enough; but exploiting her death as a stepping stone to sell a blatant lie and slander and convict fans of Emily Sander/Zoey Zane of a murder they didn't commit...all the while denying her personhood as the latter and disrespecting her autonomy and choices as a human being; that is far, far worse than hypocrisy.

    Porn did not kill Emily Sander. Isreal Mierles may have. (Only a court of law will decide that.) And not only was Emily Sander denied a full life as a young woman. Zoey Zane was too. The latter deserves to be respected and grieved as much as the former.


  4. I saw Heart's post too, but it looks like Anthony beat me to posting about it here.

    First, from the dates of posting, its pretty clear that Heart posted about it after Daisy and Ren did, but then went forward with an absolute whopper of a distortion of what was stated here.

    Basically, Heart is saying that its disgusting the way the media focused in on Sander's brief porn career. So it would seem we're in agreement? Well, not quite, because Heart and her commentariat then go on to blame pro-porn folks for this media focus and for eroticizing her murder – basically, the complete opposite of what was actually said here or on Ren's blog.

    The fact that Heart has to resort to outright lies about us says a lot about her, and the fact that she actually has a group of women who buy into her bullshit and cheer her on says volumes about radical feminism.

  5. Peabody Essex MuseumDecember 21, 2007 at 1:45 AM

    "The last thing we wanted was for her case to turn into a "missing porn star" case, which is exactly what the media turned it in to, which sadly took away the focus of Emily's disappearance..."

    Uh Huh...and isn't the fact that she was a porn performer the only reason you're giving the case any attention? Why don't you post something lamenting the disappearance of every non-whore? Because you know, if you don't, then you're just soooo cold and uncaring, and can't you see that people who don't sell their twats are people too?!?!?! WAH!!!

  6. Quoteh Peabody:

    "The last thing we wanted was for her case to turn into a "missing porn star" case, which is exactly what the media turned it in to, which sadly took away the focus of Emily's disappearance..."

    Uh Huh...and isn't the fact that she was a porn performer the only reason you're giving the case any attention? Why don't you post something lamenting the disappearance of every non-whore? Because you know, if you don't, then you're just soooo cold and uncaring, and can't you see that people who don't sell their twats are people too?!?!?! WAH!!!

    Because, jackass, Emily Sander/Zoey Zane happened to BE a young woman who was denied her right to a full life....regardless of whether she "sold her twat" or not. (Oh, and since she only did girl/girl for her fledgling website, I'd hardly consider her a "whore", either....but perhaps, that's your myopia showing.)

    And in case you managed to avoid reading the title, this blog is about porn, not missing people or murdered people. When porn performers have things happen to them, we will cover it; we are not bound to cover other people since there are other outlets for that. Deal with it, roll with it, or SYAD and STFU. We run this blog, you only post in it. us when you actually have something real to say. If not, then make like Dick Cheney and fuck off.


  7. Her hot little twat will be with us forever!

    Try searching for "Zoey" on --

    Some of that stuff is wrong... hehe

  8. When it ultimately comes down to it, its not going to matter now that she was or wasnt a porn star. She is dead.