Monday, December 17, 2007

Helping Norma Jean
Angela KeatonAt Large Representative
Libertarian National Committee

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Friends of Freedom:

Norma Jean Almodovar, the Libertarian Party of California's 1986 candidate for Lt. Governor and author of Cop to Call Girl, is facing some serious challenges. Since she has gotten out of prison where she was incarcerated for a victimless "crime," Norma Jean has difficulty finding work given both her record and courageous activism. In addition, Norma Jean's husband is in frail and failing health. A proud libertarian activist, she is struggling to ask for much needed help. Given the family's strong objectivist leanings, a traditional fund raising appeal would be inappropriate. However, you can do the following:

*Norma Jean has significant knowledge of Quark and Adobe software. You have an affiliate newsletter. Hire a layout editor who shares your values.

*Add a link to International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education. Contributions are tax deductable and help educate the public on the realities sex workers face under our current laws.

*Interview Norma Jean on your blog, webcast, podcast, cable access or micro broadcast. Her story is one woman's struggle against corruption and injustice.*Norma Jean is a talented artist. With the holiday season upon us, please support your libertarian artist. They are your values embodied in song, storyline and style.

If you would like to contact Norma Jean, please write her at She has led a one woman battle against the LAPD. For that alone, we give thanks.

In liberty, Angela


  1. Good to see that Norma Jean is still alive...not so good to see that she's struggling economically.

    She was one of the first sex worker activists I read and understood; and she was a pioneer in sex worker activism. Even if I'm not quite down with Libertarianism, I would be sorely lacking if I didn't give her her deserved props.