Friday, February 22, 2008

Nina Hartley Bringing The Fire To "THE" OSU (YouTube Video Clip)

This was from the porn debate at The Ohio State University last year....the one that Ernest said that she was promised airtime from ABC, who then stoned her for the Yale Sex Week debacle.

Perhaps this is why Gail Dines and the antiporn fascists want no debate with sweet and professional she can be, she does have the occasional short fuse that can blow up in your grill at the wrong time if you set it off.

Nina Hartley at THE Ohio State University (via YouTube) -- hat tip to Ren, Lisa Roenig, and Amber Rhea

(Oh...and slightly OT memo to Buckeye fan: What is up with "THE" OSU?? Like, you need to distinguish yourself from Ohio University??? LOL


  1. Thanks Anthony, Ren, Lisa Roenig, and Amber Rhea. It's great to see Nina ripping it up here.

    Unfortunately, Nightline viewers won't get to enjoy that privilege. Here's what they can look forward to instead:

    I guess adding yet another holy Joe, this one a self-proclaimed "ex pornographer" to the mix will make it even more fair and balanced.

    Sure as hell can't afford to expose the public to dangerous ideas like Nina's, or those of anyone else here. That just wouldn't fit in with the hatchet-job the producers clearly have planned for the occasion.

    Maybe somebody ought to send this clip to said producers. Maybe several people ought to. I doubt that they will change their plans, but it wouldn't hurt for them to know that others are onto their game and think it gives off the odor of rotten eggs.

    If you want to make your opinions known to these paragons of journalistic integrity, you can do so here:

    Please remember, no "bad language" or flaming. That stuff just gets deleted. The kind of articulate, coherent, intelligent comments at which the contributors here excel will be much harder to dismiss.

  2. Well, its not "the" OSU, at least not the only one – there's also Oregon State University, a very good school, for biological sciences, anyway, and one of the places I applied to for grad school.

  3. Actually, IACB, I was more interested in the "THE" part, as in why Buckeye Fan insists on calling their university "THE Ohio State University".

    Nothing against Oregon State at all...though their "Beaver" mascot might cause a chuckle or two.