Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Nina...." An Antitoxin Against The GenderBorg (And All Other Porn Haters)

If you are like me and really sick and tired of the antiporn fascists monopolizing the debate, then this documentary that I discovered today just might be the motivation you need.

It is an old documentary dedicated to the life, work, and sexual artistry of Nina Hartley....but it is also an in-depth and comprehensive defense of female sexual autonomy, pursuit and pleasure that represents the exact opposite of the sexual reactionaries.

The documentary also includes contributions by Sallie Tisdale, Nadine Strossen of the ACLU, Carole Queen, and porn performers Juli Ashton, Midori, Candida Royalle.....among others.

The video is not downloadable (since it is a streaming Flash video), but you can still watch the documentary from their website (the link is below); and you can also order a DVD copy of the video.

Consider it my official "Fuck you" to the GenderBorg.

"Nina..." -- A Documentary About Creative, Accomplished, Intelligent Women; Feminism; Free Expression; Sex and Pornography (from

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