Friday, August 1, 2008

Maggie Hays Goes Off The Deep End...Into A Shallow Manure Pit

There is madness, and then there is sheer insanity.

And then...there is Maggie Hays...the Don Quixote of antiporn "feminist" activists.

This woman is giving new meaning to the term "zealot". Actually, she's raised the bar for paranoia and mindless demogaugery so high that not even Olympic pole vaulters can even scale her heights.

If you think I'm kidding, just go over to her "official" blog Against Pornography and just try toattempt to make it through this recent screed she posted on the dire threat of the "porno-iarchy". At least, try to do so with a straight face.

Oh...and it comes complete with sterling endorsements of Stop Porn Culture, Bob Jensen's slide show, Melissa Fairley's pseudoscience, the usual crackpot, cooked up stats, and, as always is the case with Maggie, the standard boiled over the top boilerplate.

Oh...and while you are there, you might want to click on the tag she has marked, "'Sex Work' Advocates". And when you do, please note how many times Maggie actually links to authentic sex worker activists not totally dominated by her preferred ideology. (Hint: somewhere between the cities of Slim and None....more towards None's outer limits.) Gee, least we here at BPPA do link your side freely and allow our readers to check out opposing views and think for themselves, rather than just feed them the spiked Kool-Aid/PowerAde. And at least, we actually ALLOW antiporn viewpoints to be expressed within comments.

A real piece of work, she is.


  1. BTW...I move that in honor of Maggie Hays and her latest attempt to butcher the English language and steal from Twisty Faster, we adopt an official subtitle for this here blog: "The Official Blog of the Porno-iarchy". Why should Mags have all the fun??


  2. Anyone who cites or uses Farley's "research" instantly loses any sense of credibility, really.

  3. I'm sorry... I couldn't make it more than about 25 lines, then I gave up... so off the chart!