Friday, December 12, 2008

Passing of a Pornographic Priestess

Bettie Page (1923–2008)

Bettie Page Memorial site
LA Times obit
Susie Bright comments

And going back to one of the original questions of this blog – "Why pro-porn?"

Because sometimes, just sometimes, it creates icons like this, that's why.

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  1. Here's an interesting personal irony for me: I never really saw Bettie Page as a hardcore porn legend; other than her work with Irving Klaw doing bondage work that got them in trouble with the McCarthyite censors and the antiporn posse in the 1950s, I only saw the pinups that she did.

    It wasn't really until I read about the news of her passing and all the obits about her when it really hit me how much of a idol and mentor and icon she was to so many women and men.

    She definitely broke the mold for not only brunettes and the "gothic" dominatrix brand, but for sex symbols everywhere. Folks like Dita von Tesse owe her....BIG TIME.

    Presente', Ms. Page.