Sunday, November 29, 2009

RIP: David Aaron Clark

Via BlueBlood comes the news that innovative porn director, erotica writer, and all-around creative personality David Aaron Clark passed yesterday at age 49. Amelia G memorializes him here.

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  1. Clark was a gifted writer and a gifted director. We disagreed about nearly everything and eventually ended up heartily disliking each other.

    Nevertheless, his death is a loss to this community and my sympathies go out to Christian, Aiden and the entire Evil Angel family, as well as to the many performers he befriended over the years.

    Much is said about the toll this industry takes on those in front of the camera, but the struggle of those who work unseen to improve both the quality of what we make and the quality of life for those who make it is rarely noted.

    We've lost many, including most of the Golden Age greats, whose directorial work transcended the often limiting conceits of the genre, and we're all poorer for their passing.

    Clark's was not an easy life, nor a long one. May he find some respite at last.