Friday, August 6, 2010

Nina Hartley Layeth The Smack (And The Damn Truth) Down On Antiporn-AntiSexWork Jabronae @ Desiree Alliance 2010 Keynote Speech

I always knew there was a reason people call Nina Hartley "The Goddess of Sex." After watching this speech, they should also call her something else: "Madam Freakin' President." (OK...without the "freakin'" part.)

Last week, Nina gave the keynote address at the annual Desiree Alliance Sex Worker Conference in Las Vegas; discussing everything from the struggle to make her voice heard as a sex worker/pro-porn advocate to a thorough analysis of the forces invieghed against her and her activist sex worker associates.

I could give an analysis of the speech...but since Nina has a way of rendering analysis moot by her own eloquence and passion, I figure that reposting the speech (and the ensuing Q & A) would be more than suitable enough.

The original speech was posted by sawbuckfilms via their YouTube channel yesterday; a sincere thanks to them for giving permesion to repost it here. I have also posted the speech over at my own SmackDog Chronicles blog, too.

Adult entertainment legend/progressive sex educator Nina Hartley giving the keynote address at last week's Sex Worker Conference sponsored by the Desiree Alliance in Las Vegas (via YouTube, h/t to sawbuckfilms)


  1. "Why did Jesus die on the cross?
    Because he forgot the safe word."


  2. I came across your blog whilst researching something and I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this speech, I'm going to do my bit and help broadcast it around cyber world as well.


  3. To quote the video- Oh my god, that's it!

    I was recently linked to agressive anti-porn feminist blog The Biting Beaver. Never having really considered feminism, and being pretty disorientated by the hate speech, I started on a kind of trek around the internet to figure out what my position on this stuff should be. Looking through Biting Beaver led me to other bits of agressive feminism, then to encyclopedia dramatica's take, and then all around the internet until I landed here. And here, I think, I've found a position I can agree with.