Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Refreshing Breather From The Negativity: How You Can Pay Nina Hartley Forward For All She's Done For Sex, Porn, And Humanity

Usually, I'd be in bed right about this time...but I just read something that made me jump out of my sleep, and I have to share it with you.

Happily, it's not another Porn Srare update...this is much more positive.  But, it will require a little of your time...and, if you can spare, a dime or two. Don't worry...the cause is worthy. The person involved is so much worthier.

If there is one performer who exemplifies all what's good and positive and right in the adult sexual media, it has to be Nina Hartley. The record speaks for itself: 27 years of service. 600 film credits. 4 AVN awards. Induction into EVERY (as in ALL) adult media Halls of Fame. A top-selling sex educational/informational video series (the Nina Hartley Sex Guides series). A top selling book based on said series (Nina Hartley's Guide to Goof Sex). Numerous essays, web columns, print articles, speeches, and other forms of media informing the public on the virtues and pleasures of safer sex and sexual empowerment of women and men. And the undisputed title of the most progressive and smartest woman to embrace the field of hardcore erotica. And I haven't even gotten to...THE ASS.

Well...Nina's never had to rely on anyone but herself, her family, and her husband Ernest Greene for her livelihood, but today she faces a situation that could potentially break even the strongest person. Note the word "potentially". No, she's not terminally ill with cancer.  HELL TO THE NO, she's not HIV+. (And no, Ministress Shelley, she's not suffering from STD's either...feel free to move along.)

What she is facing is this: If you have followed her, you know that she suffers from fibroid tumors in her uterus.  The tumors are benign, and will remain such, so cancer is not the issue. They are, though, quite unsightly, and with time and age are beginning to affect her in other ways. Originally, Nina had hoped that the passage of time and menopause would relieve the sitch, but to no avail. So, she has decided on a more permanent solution: surgery to remove the tumors.

The procedure, according to Nina, is tenatively set to be performed this coming January or Feburary of next year; and will involve a 2-4 week recovery period following the surgery. She does have insurance to cover the surgery and the hospitalization...but the recovery period is another thing altogether.  Like most performers, Nina has been hit hard by the twin blows of the recession and the lack of work recently in the porn biz (and now you also know why she is fighting mad against content thievery, too); and money is a bit short at the moment. Ernest is doing his best..but he faces the recession and his own health issues as well; and family help is not an option, either..

And here is where you come in.  If you ever wanted to, as the saying goes, "pay it forward" and show your gratitude and love for everything that Nina has given us, well now is the perfect time to do so.

The Free Speech Coalition, HUSTLER Magazine, and Cindi Lofus's LadieZ Night blog have set up a special donors page over at where people can contribute money to Nina's recovery fund. She's said that she doesn't need much, but every dollar donated would do so much to help her get back to the strong, sexy Goddess that she is.

The fundraiser has just started, and the goal is to raise $20,000 by the end of January of next year. I plan on making a donation or two as my finances allow...and though I recognize that times are rough economically for everyone, helping Nina get through this is not only the right choice, it's a down payment for her life and legacy touching every one of us who have been educated by her.

Just think of what porn would be like without her. it forward, and pay the Goddess!!! Trust me, it's worth it.


  1. I just gave enough to push the total raised to the thousand-dollar level.

    Nina - to a flatter tummy and healthier innards!

  2. Wow, I knew none of this! This actually answers a few questions for me. Thanks for posting this -- Nina is a true legend and deserves our support.

  3. Speedy recovery Nina! If I wasn't jobless myself, I'd donate. I shall share this though! You've given me so much insight.

  4. Cheers for Nina! I wish you all the best. I'll try my best to spread this words.