Saturday, September 3, 2011

Because Pride And Delusions Are Always Greatest Before The Fall Off The Cliff: Ministress Lubben Breaks Out The Tiny Violin Quartet On HIV Scare 2011..Before The Truth Blindsides Her

I'm probably guessing that somewhere in Bakersfield or wherever Shelley Lubben is domiciled right about now, she's probably hearing the news that the performer whom she thought had infected 13 other female performers turned out to not have had HIV after all.

Maybe, the limited syapses in her brain -- at least, the ones not warped by her fundamentalist Christian ideology mixed with her seamless drive for exhibitionism and undivided attention -- will kick in enough to actually have her feel some bit of remorse and empathy for the performer she and her associates defamed.  Perhaps, she will get a bolt of lightning inspiration from her God to actually understand that part of loving people is accepting that they can make mistakes and that they should be free to exercise their own free will and protect themselves in their own way.

And, perhaps, I will win the lottery tomorrow and retire a millionaire, and become Rush Limbaugh's chief assistant.

But while the charade was still on yesterday, the Ministeress decided to try her best to use her usual Godly womanly wiles to persuade the faithful about the deep harm of the latest "pandemic".

And as usual, Shelley was on her game.

Here's what she posted to the Pink Cross blog yesterday:

Another HIV Outbreak in Porn Industry

News is breaking in the porn industry that another performer has tested positive for HIV and possibly exposed a dozen or more performers before it was discovered.

This means that there have now been a total of 27 cases of HIV in the porn industry since 2004 - that we know of!  The last known HIV outbreak was in October of last year.

This comes only two weeks after a press conference was held in L.A. where former porn performers talked about the illegal and abusive practices of the porn industry.

And just last week the porn industry was bragging about their 'safe' health practices all the while they continue to flagrantly violate California law that mandates condom usage. Earlier this year, Hustler was fined $14,175 by Cal-OSHA for violating workplace health and safety law.

Lives are at stake. Pray that many men and women will leave the porn industry while they still can.  Porn kills!

If you are in the industry and want out, Pink Cross is here for you. You were made for greater things than porn! 
Oh, so much to break down here.

First, this notion of an "outbreak".  Usually, an outbreak implies that more than one person was involved. The 2004 HIV scare qualifies as an outbreak fully because one person (allegedly Darren James) got infected doing outside work, and then went in and accidentally infected
three other women with HIV. Not much of an outbreak, but it does qualify.

The 2009 scare, though, had only one person who got HIV from outside activity, and no one else was infected. Thusly, NOT an outbreak.

The 2010 scare (featuring Derek Burts) is a bit questionable because both Burts and some folks at Cal/OSHA insist that a second performer was infected with HIV, although they have refused to comment on exactly who that second person is and how exactly he managed to get infected. Two people, though, is still not an outbreak, which assumes a bit more people getting infected with the virus.

Now, a performer getting infected with HIV and passing it on to 13 women?? That would count as a bonafide outbreak. Provided that the person actually was confirmed to actually HAVE HIV, and was confirmed to have worked with and infected various women. Course, we now know that the performer has tested negative with a better array of tests, but even then, wouldn't it be worthwhile to suspend judgment until the tests are confirmed? Wouldn't the more prudent policy be to wait until the actual tests confirm the infection before going out on a limb and screaming about a mass outbreak pandemic??

Please. This is Shelley Lubben we are talking about. She's never been known to let patience or truth get in the way of a good morality scare play.

And speaking of truth..again with the "27 HIV+ cases in the porn industry since 2004" meme. You know, the one that leaves out the inconvenient facts that most of those cases were of either gay male porn performers totally out of the jurisdiction of the adult hetero porn testing structure (16), private non-performer civilians contracting out AIM for their own private testing (4), or people just blown out of Shelley's buns. (And remember when the original stat was 22?? Then upped by Mike Weinstein to 23?? Get your propaganda numbers in sync, Shelley!!)

And how nice of Ministress Lubben to add that nice little tag line, "that we know of"...because we all know that the industry can't be trusted to tell the truth about HIV, there must be hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of porn boys and girls around spreading their legs and inserting their diseased sex organs into each other and spreading AIDS like Halloween candy!!! that truth-telling press conference Shelley was talking about...that would be the one where the Ministress shared the dais with AHF's Weinstein, Darren James, and a couple of Pink Cross disciples to announce their drive to put a condom mandate ordinance to Los Angeles city voters for a vote. A pretty nice job of propaganda, if you ask me..but a bit light in the actual fact department. No matter how much Shelley may rant about the illegality of condomless porn or the notion that "exchanging bodily fluids" is illegal under California law, or that, the official legal opinion of the LA city attorney be damned, the local film board can and should forbid permits for any adult production not totally wrapped up, the actual debate is still quite up for grabs...and tending not to their benefit.

Oh..and about that HUSTLER fine?? Never mind that $14K to Larry Flynt is like a dollar to most of us regular folk, or the basic fact that Cal/OSHA probably doesn't have the resources or the manpower to be stalking every single porn shoot looking for wrapped dicks or dental dams when there really is a legitimate HIV pandemic in the larger population of LA County...enforcing a "law" that has never been enforced merely to soothe her revenge for those who dissed her 17 years ago is far more important to Lubben than common sense. Besides, it's all in the name of Jeeeeeeeee-zus, who died for your sexual sins and cured her herpes to show the world how He gives salvation to those evil sluts who most need it.

The closer, is the usual altar call for people in porn to get the heck out because, in Shelley's mind. "Porn Kills!!!!" At least, porn stars get killed...of course, most of them aren't killed by porn, and many of them die of causes attributed completely outside of porn...but again, the Ministress isn't known for understanding nuanced thoughts.

And when you do get out, Shelley would very much love it if you consider joining her ministry. Of course, there are those pesky conditions of surrendering all your hard earned money and having to basically starve yourself financially and convert to Lubben's kind of holy rolling sex-hating religion...but that's a small price to pay for God's salvation.

The sidebar of that post includes some of the more whacked out stats about the wages of porn sin (like the 37 porn stars who died of HIV, suicide, or drugs, or the 100 "straight or gay" performers who died of complications from AIDS, or the nearly 2,400 cases of chlamydia and 1,400 cases of gonorrhea that has infected performers since 2000). Been there, covered that.

But, no Shelley Lubben promotion would be complete without the obligatory Serious Activist Pic, and this one's a dooze.

Yes, that was Shelley at the Weinstein presser where they unveiled their asstroturf (no pun, deliberate mispell) group, "For Adult Industry Responsibility" (FAIR, although I still think that Norman Solomon over at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting would probably not like their acronym abused like that). And yes, that woman in the background pointing at the "FAIR" logo happens to be Jan Meza, Lubben's closest protoge, who has a special history of whackadoodleness all her own. Gee, Ministeress...I thought that God didn't like women showing off their bare arms...didn't they attempt to condemn First Lady Michelle Obama for something like that??

In any case, now that it has been confirmed that all their efforts were essentially for naught, I'm seriously looking forward to when Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation will post their official apology and retraction to the performer they accused publically of infecting 13 innocent people, or to the company (Brazzers) they claimed wrongly to have used him even though he "tested positively". I'm sure that it will happen. Ultimately. The same day pigs fly.

Prove me wrong, Shelley. Woman up, admit your mistake, and apologize....and if you do, I will give you...a bit more respect.


  1. Hey, Shelley, I just saw a two-page ad for "The Playboy Club" -- I guess you and broke-ass Morality In Media FAILED to get it canceled.

    It premieres September 19th (not long before my birthday). Monday nights, on your local NBC station!

  2. As for Lubben ever admitting she was wrong -- it ain't gonna happen.

    Even though Shelley Lubben and the truth are total strangers, she's painted herself into the proverbial corner with her whole "I've got Jesus and Yahweh on the main line" routine. She can never be wrong because the top two of The Big Three talk to her and guide her daily -- and they're supposed to be pretty darn omniscient. To admit an error would be to acknowledge that her claims have all been fabricated.

    Lubben doesn't have illusions of grandeur, she has DELUSIONS of grandeur, and as such, should she EVER admit that she's fallible, the entire house of cards would come down. Total implosion.

    To acknowledge an error would be to have to face the reality that she is NOT the Rebel Prophet of God. Were she a false prophet, her enablers -- I mean, disciples -- might abandon her.

    No, it's a lot easier for all concerned if the truth continues to not matter to Shelley Lubben. After all, everything she writes or says is part of The Gospel of Shelley Lubben -- and the gospel simply means the "good news"; it doesn't have to be true.

  3. I really hope that there will organisations formed to stop this Christian fundie and her group (along with others like it) from taking advantage of performers in the porn industry.

    It's funny she says "Porn Kills" yet she is a member of an industry that takes in trillions every year which has billions of followers which is of course the religion industry which is responsible for more deaths then just about anything else (the Catholic Churches views on condoms in countries with more problems of HIV is the best example of this). I say "Religion Kills".

  4. One more thing, Anthony:

    You write, "The 2010 scare (featuring Derek [sic] Burts) is a bit questionable because both Burts and some folks at Cal/OSHA insist that a second performer was infected with HIV, although they have refused to comment on exactly who that second person is and how exactly he managed to get infected."

    Cal/OSHA just followed what Burts and AHF told them. The problem with that story is this:

    Burts says was told by AIM that none of the performers he came in contact with tested positive for HIV, but then he also says that AIM told him that he contracted it from a performer who was "a known positive."

    Since AIM later confirmed that none of the performers on its quarantine list tested positive, does that mean that the positive scene partner who Burts claims infected him was not put on the quarantine list back on October 8th, when “Burts said he gave clinic staff the names of about a dozen performers he had worked with in California and Florida”?

    Either Burts didn’t give AIM the name of that performer, or he did and AIM didn’t know, at the time, that that performer was positive, even though the performer, according to Burts, was later described to him by clinic staff as a “known positive.”

    Now, we don't know for certain whether any of the models Burts shot with in Florida are positive -- or, more precisely, if they were positive in early to mid-September 2010 -- because of the lack of universal standardized testing on the gay side of the industry. Furthermore, we don't know what Burts was or wasn't told on that set. However, simply by virtue of the statements of both Burts AND the AIM clinic, this person could not have been a KNOWN positive to AIM.

    Burts' story is what is known colloquially as bullshit.

    Furthermore, it remains my suspicion that the performer in question was the person at whose door someone claiming to be from LA County Health showed up (with a phlebotomist) demanding a blood sample.

    In addition, it is my understanding that the person who knocked on that performer's door is presently employed by AHF. And he's ugly. REAL ugly.

  5. Michael:

    Verrrry interesting and intriguing circumstances you weave...and it reminds me of something that has been racking my brain since then.

    It was not only Burts that had squwaked about a possible second "Patient Zero" in last year's scare; Cal/OSHA, in their pressers and statements about that particular case, had also been openly hinting that there was a second person whom had been infected.

    It's probably more likely that that person was the one who might have infected Burts via a gay scene, which the latter then attempted to play off on AIM after he got his checks signed by Weinstein.

    That probably explains why they were so gonzo to seek blood samples of performers. (Was it only him, though?? I thought that that "Open up, Med Police, Give me your blood samples!!" stunt was directed at multiple performers??)

    Besides that...if that person had indeed been a "known positive", then wouldn't he have showed up on the quarantine list to begin with, would have given off red flags?? I mean, maybe the gay side doesn't do testing, but the hetero side most certainly does, and I'm betting that no company worth its salt would risk its profits merely hiring someone from the crossover side without a clean test first.

    Finally, don't you think that if Burts had indeed given the name of that other "known positive" performer to AIM, then they would have initiated first- and second-generation tests on him, too?? The fact remains that they found no other infections other than Burts at that time. Which means....somebody's lying through their teeth, and it's more than likely NOT AIM.

    Riddle me this, riddle me that.


  6. Anthony, I haven't seen any convincing evidence that it was a performer who infected him at all. The references by Cal-OSHA exist because they bought the bullshit theory that AHF handed them. There are at least two far more plausible explanations for his seroconversion -- and they don't involve a porn set. Stay tuned.