Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Official State Of BPPA Address (Sort Of): Making A Good Thing Better

As you well know, this blog has now been going strong for over four years now since the lovely Renegade Evolution first founded it as a means of representing a pro-porn position. Since that time, many of its main contributors have come and gone, but the main objective has not changed one bit.

Now that I remain as the sole moderator of this blog, although I am still eternally grateful to people like Ernest Greene and Iamcuriousblue and Michael Whiteacre and even Ren Ev (whose spirit still oversees this blog even as she has moved on to other venues and topics), I'm in the mood for shaking things up a bit here by enlarging the focus of this blog a bit.

As you can tell, it's mostly been used for updating the latest news on the adult industry and especially the latest on the issues facing the adult porn industry. That, of course, will never change.

What I would like to do, however, is expand the base a bit to include more contributors, more featured commentators, and a broader array of topics and concerns. Not to mention, an additional moderator or two to help me lighten the load a bit, since my regular job schedule might keep me from doing regular updates.

If anyone is interesting in becoming a mod or a contributor, simply either tweet me at @Anthony_JK or email me at and I will hook you up. I would love to have more industry insiders, performers, or simply pro-porn intellectuals who want to use this blog to make a difference in the broader debate.

All I ask of you is that you don't bring any gossip or hateration or personal vendettas here, and that you stick to the broad directive of defending porn as an art form and a medium of pleasure.

Also...not that I absolutely hate Blogger, but I am a WordPress man to the hilt (all of my personal blogs run on WP, and have been since I first surfed the Internet), and I'm very much considering moving the blog over there as part of my Red Garter Club Network. If membership gets big enough, I might even be willing to use BuddyPress to form an active message board for feedback. (No, I'm not talking about cloning The Real Porn Wikileaks or anything like that; this would be a board strictly for debate and discussion of porn issues amongst performers, directors, intellectuals, and fans alike, freed of gossip or rumor mongering.)

At the very least, I'm may decide to make a mirror of this blog at WordPress simply to experiment with the many features that WP has to offer.

Only question in my mind will be in keeping as much of the present template as I can, if I can't find a similar one in WP. Oh...and the gorgeous header pic will remain as the foundation of the blog, if I do make the decision; it would be an act of criminality if it disappeared.

But...I will make no decision without you readers, since this blog was created for you, not for me. Therefore, the floor is hereto open to you for suggestions. Should I leave things as is, or may I tweak with things a bit and experiment to make this blog even better??

And for those of you whom have put up with me and who have been regular readers and commenters of this blog since its inception, I thank you for your support. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one blowing into the wind.

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