Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nina Hartley's "Pornified Nation" Interview: Why She's Porn's Most Eloquent Female Advocate

I know that I often sing the praises of Nina Hartley a lot here, because no other porn performer has been so eloquent an advocate for female sexuality or for sexual entertainment as she has been for the past 30 years.

In this interview that she did for Jordan Owen's newly crafted YouTube series Pornified Nation, though, Nina proves beyond a doubt that she's not quite ready to just slide silently into the sunset. Here, among other things, Nina breaks down her nearly 30 year career as a professional sexual performer, her progressive attitude towards her profession and her fans, and she gets in some significant and righteous kill shots at antiporn actiivists who dismiss her and her mission....with special venom towards her major antagonist Gail Dines and the antiporn feminists.

But...why listen to me, when Nina and Jordan can speak for themselves. Watch...and learn.

The original interview can be seen here at Jordan's YouTube channel.

Also catch the previous two episodes of Pornified Nation featuring Michael Whiteacre and Siri.

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