Friday, August 9, 2013

Why Mike South Should Be Treated As The Alex Jones Of Porn Gossipers: The Latest Syphilis False Positive "Scare"

You may not have noticed it this week, but the adult industry just escaped yet another nuke in the form of another syphilis "outbreak".

A performer named Clover whom originally tested "inconclusive" for syphilis last week and was temporarily quarantined as a precaution, was ultimately retested through the services of the Free Speech Coalition's APHSS protocols, and found to be clean.

But this post is less about how the system of performer testing once again worked to avoid a major disaster. This is about how certain people, in particular one person, took it upon himself to invent and inflame the controversy to begin with, for no reason other than to satisfy his own long term vendettas and myopias.

That's right, Mike South, I'm looking directly at YOU.

(And BTW, this is Anthony talking, not Ernest, Nina, or anyone else. This rant is mine and mine alone.)

When you and your "detailed sources" decided to dive head first into that empty pool and report initially on the "NEW SYPHILIS OUTBREAK!!!!!!!!!!!", did it ever even bother you to even ask the actual performers involved? Or, to defer your victory celebrations until actual confirmation of the positive test had been verified by medical professionals? Oh, wait...who needs verification when you can just fling more of your shit at the FSC and APHSS, like you have been doing for, I don't know, the past 10 - 20 years?? It's not as if every charge that you have flung at them has been proven dead WRONG, right, Mike?

Does it ever even bother you, Mr. South, that the only other sources parroting your squawking about a "porn syphilis epidemic" were Monica Foster, Shelley Lubben, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation?? Considering the level of credibility these three actors have when it comes to performer testing, let alone the not so hidden agendas against the industry they all pursue, it probably would have been a good idea to slow your road a tad and at least wait until the tests came out?

Oh, and on the subject of AHF....boy, were they really quick to use you as a convenient foil to fire off TWO press releases in less than 24 hours, in their attempt to milk the panic for all its worth. What better way to prove to the masses that this dirty porn industry just can't be trusted to protect their performers, and that AHF through their newly created City of LA Health Department should run to the rescue with boxes of condoms to save the day!!

Oh, I know, LA County DPH is the main reg agency, and they have to be the ones to investigate any porn outbreak once they get a confirmed and verified positive test....which they never got. But, hey, why let such irrelevancies as protocol and legality get in the way of such a wonderful crusade? Tens of performers are being INFECTED even as I type this!!! WE MUST ACT NOW!!! Perhaps that should have been the red flag for you, Mr. South, to stop for at least a millisecond? Oh, no, we can't do that, not when we can bury FSC and APHSS for good and the final coup of AHF and Cal-OSHA and Rob Black and Gail Dines can be completed and bareback porn banished from the face of the earth!!

So now that the entire "outbreak" scam has unraveled quicker than a dandelion in an April wind, Mike, do you decide a man about it and admit you were wrong and that Clover deserves an apology, and that the system developed by FSC/APHSS actually WORKED?

Ahhhh....nope, you decide to spin it as part of your continuing vendetta against FSC and APHSS, splitting them and Manwin (your other pet pinata) off against LATATA and Clover. Sorry, Mike, but it doesn't sell, since APHSS does indeed control the testing, and since Talent Testing and Cutting Edge Testing have buried the hatchet and actually coordinated with the agents to make the testing work.

Of course, the key element in all this was Clover not panicking and trusting his instincts that he was clean all along and that the '"inconclusive" tests were really false positives based on the strength and intensity of the TrepSure arrays used for the syphilis testing. Imagine if Clover had only relied on the propaganda you and AHF were swilling out, and assumed that he was indeed  "positive" for syphilis, and then attempted to pull the same act that Mr. Marcus did last year. Oh, what am I saying, you STILL would have convicted APHSS and FSC of spreading the virus...smearing them is simply part of your porn DNA by now.

Since Clover has now been cleared, all of this is now a moot point....but I still find it fascinating how you attempted to pull other performers into this through indicting Manwin for the two female performers whom had not been reached by LATATA by last Monday (but were ultimately reached by FSC later).

And please, Mike, spare us your attempt to split the difference regarding your support for AHF and the condom mandate. We know you have supported their efforts openly for the past 2 years through attacking their critics, so don't sell us the "unattached" line. It makes your alliance with Rob Black and Shelley Lubben (and possibly Gail Dines) that much more unseemly.

Now, I am NOT an insider who gets any sources from anyone; I write from the perspective of a fan and an advocate of consensual adult porn; so that makes me as much an outsider as anyone. But, I do have eyes and ears, and I can read; and as such I can see for myself who's being real and who's pushing BS and rumors. I can be as critical of the FSC as the next guy, but in this case of this latest "scare", they acted immediately and promptly to do their job, and thankfully everyone came out OK.

Well...everyone except those who invested themselves in priming the pump of fear in order to soothe their ingrown prejudices and stroke their old vendettas. For those people -- yourself included, Mike South -- there is not a pit in Hell deep enough or hot enough for you to melt in.

Oh..and Julie Meadows and Kayden Kross gives their best regards.

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