Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alexander S. Birkhold Flushes The Arguments For The Condom Mandate With Authority (Washington Univ. Law Review Legal Thesis)

This may be one of the best legal arguments against the condom mandate I've seen in quite a while.

Alexander S. Birkhold, originally a writer for the New York University School of Law, has written a thesis paper for the Washington University Law Review, in which he authoritatively debunks condom mandate laws such as Measure B and the Safe Sex In The Adult Industry Act as gross violations of the First Amendment protections of free speech and consensual sexual expression. Although his main focus is on the impact of such laws on gay bareback sexual acts, I don't doubt that straight/hetero sexual performers could benefit from his analysis as well.

Here's his paper, originally released by Washington University's Law Review as part of their free Law Commons series, and reposted by moi via

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