Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello and Thanks

To Ren for inviting me to join up here as a contributor and to all the fine people I've met through this blog. I look forward to many stimulating and informative exchanges on a variety of different topics, and to being in the company of such excellent minds.

I'll be shooting an instructional video for neophyte bondage enthusiasts with Nina for Adam&Eve over the weekend, so if I'm a bit less ubiquitous in the next couple of days, worry not. I'll be back in all my customary verbosity next week.


  1. Great to have you here at last, Ernest.


  2. Special thanks, Anthony, for the warm welcome. Without you, I wouldn't have known this blog existed, much less have had the opportunity to participate.

    I don't know exactly how to say this - unusual for me - but posting here has inspired feelings from long, long ago I thought had been hammered out of me by so many years of pushing unpopular causes to unfriendly crowds.

    Feelings like hope, belonging, appreciation, the stimulation of interacting with open, inquisitive minds - you know, the stuff that inspired me to activism in the first place.

    And damn, is it a fine sensation.