Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is all mine...

but I'd like to share it with Nina if she's watching :)


  1. Here I go, loaning my name to Nina again:

    Wow! Pretty fantastic! I admire your bravery, Ren, as well as your artistic capabilities. I feel the same anger toward the people who feel it's okay to disparage us, not for who we are, but for what we do. Hell, they don't even feel they NEED to find out who we are as people, as fellow women. No, like any other prejudices, those who hold them feel no need to examine their points of view, or can even consider that they might, in fact, be wrong.

    I admire, as well, your willingness to go into the lion's den and engage the haters directly. That demonstrates more patience than I possess, or ever will.

    And did I mention that, as someone who watches a lot of video that's supposed to be hot, that yours generates more BTUs than 99% of the stuff that tries for that heat?

    Love to shoot a scene with you sometime. Bet we'd surprise a few of our respective fans.

  2. Nina- Anytime! And yes, I can imagine people slack jawed and eye rolling now.

    And why thank you.

    As for the haters...well...they poked me first, heh.