Saturday, September 27, 2008

SPC Slide Show Back up

Those lovely folks at Stop Porn Culture!, after a brief retreat no doubt occasioned by all the attention called to the blatant violations of 18 U.S.C 2257 contained in their porn-bashing slide show, are once again making this odious pack of lies, complete with all 88 non-compliant images, available to anyone who visits their site with just the click of a mouse to indicate that the user is over 18.

Still no compliance statement. Still no legal language on the front conforming to 2257 regulations. Still no keeper of records information. Still no disclaimer asserting that all the performers whose stolen likenesses appear in the presentation are over 18 (which the producers couldn't prove if they had to since they pirated the content and have no records to substantiate such a claim).

In other words, they've gone back to flagrantly flouting federal laws that the rest of us obey on pain of fine and imprisonment.

There is a comment section on their Web site. Perhaps someone should bring it to the producers' attention that they are committing numerous felonies for which they may later face charges, and that they rightly should because they still have no evidence that minors do not appear in any of the images used in the finished product.

Let's make them aware that we're still watching them and that the heat is still on. If they don't take those non-compliant images out of their line-up, sooner or later, they'll get to find out what lawful pornographers already know, which is that throwing your defiance of federal statutes in the face of law enforcement is a very good way to end up a criminal defendant.


  1. someone sure needs to bust these jerks.

  2. The slideshow is now "temporarily offline." Hmmmmm, I think someone's been reading your blog . . .

  3. What do they think, that this will just go away?

    If they don't clean up their act, they're the ones who'll be going away.

    They either get into compliance or stop disseminating the material. What's behind Door Number Three is 440 years in the slammer.

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  5. Go-To Girl here--
    have y'all seen the episode of "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" that totally nails Gail to the wall? I think they were actually really fair and balanced--their pro-porn bias is evident, but they really do give Gail the opportunity to convince them and she totally failed. You can see the preview here:

  6. Saw it, loved it, quoted it here on more than one occasion.

    Best part bears repeating:

    When cornered by the interviewer, Dines admitted that there were exactly no non-partisan, peer-reviewed scientific studies establishing the existence of the "harms" of pornography she'd been quacking on about through her entire interview.

    She conceded that such studies do not exist, and then walked out on the interview.

    Such are her ethics as a scholar and a teacher that she knowingly claims these "harms" exist in the full awareness that there is no proof whatsoever for her claims.

    And we should believe anything she says why?