Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh goody!

Look, the anti-porn activism page has arrived! Catchy title, eh? So...(eyeballs header)...original!

My favorite part so far? The photo of the Good Feminist Womyn (I assume) ripping up photos of those bad, bad pornified sluts! Classic!


  1. WOW.

    They might as well just go ahead and add the caption to that photo, "These women don't matter."

  2. So I perused the site and found some of their other actions and statements just as repulsive. For example: "No legitimate massage therapist accepts walk-in customers" Huh. That's funny because the Kiva Spa and Salon I go to here in Chicago (next to the Water Tower Place & Ritz Carlton) accepts walk-ins for their massage therapists as well. So I guess they're a front for a brothel!

    And this crap? "We visited a Big Box Porn Shop and decorated the cars in the parking lot with "Destroy your Porn Collection" stickers.

    They peel right off, so we didn't damage the cars." They must've sneaked and did this because I can't imagine anyone reacting kindly to that. Flyers are one thing, this is ridiculous.


    How about the tactics this guy used? Lets just harass the customers