Monday, November 3, 2008

Price of Pleasure El Foldo in L.A.

Yes, they showed it. Yes, Bob Jensen showed up to defend it. No, the producers weren't there.

But the audience, all seven members of it, were people from the porn industry. And they all had things to say.

I'll give Jensen one thing. He's not a guy who gives it up when faced with those odds.

Other than that, I'll reserve my comments for when I have a little more time, most likely this evening.

Please stay tuned and do not adjust your sets, because we'll be going to the outer limits of rhetorical tap-dancing, and that's not to be confused with Dancing with the Stars.

More shortly.


  1. *is salivating* Can't wait to read that recap, Ernest.

  2. IACB,

    I was going to link to that, which I consider pretty fair-minded, all in all, so thanks for filling in here while I make some porn so I can afford to go on talking about it.

    There was something that Gram, who is a great guy and a great pal to Nina and me, did not see at the very end that bears further discussion.

    Just give me a minute here to finish cranking out my dirty comic mag and I'll be right back.

  3. I wrote a review a few months ago of the Premiere (here in Austin) and Jensen is hosting a screening here at UT next Monday. I'd be happy to write a review for PPA. He's leading a discussion afterward and I'm curious to see what students think. My sense is that he's pretty good at brainwashing them to be anti-porn but I want to see it in action.

  4. GTG – I'd be happy to post your review/report here, or link to it if you post it on your own blog.