Monday, July 6, 2009

Monica Foster Breaks Down The 411 On Getting Into Porn With

There are many ways and many approaches into getting into the adult entertainment media....some good and some not so good. For many women (and not a few men) who are thinking about getting in porn, the experience is usually through the seat of their pants...quite literally. Although there have been attempts in the past to provide guidance to women entering the industry -- such as the original Pink Ladies Social Club of the 1980's formed by activist porn women (including Nina Hartley, Angel Kelly, Jeanna Fine, and others); as well as the "Porn 101" video that was originally offered during the 90's by Sharon Mitchell and AIM (and which also happened to feature Nina as well) -- for the most part the most that many women have in preparation for adult has been on-the-job training, which might not be the best way to learn about the pitfalls and benefits of being an adult performer.

Fortunately, more and more active performers are beginning to speak out and mentor to wannabe starlets and performers alike about the risks and benefits.

Monica Foster happens to be one of them...and she has parlayed her own experiences in transitioning from an erotic dancer to a full-time adult XXX performer into a website ( geared towards educating women and men interested in getting into the industry.

Ms. Foster's site is very much comprehensive, and pulls no punches on what she thinks about the state of the industry and the expectations and benefits for newcummers. From the enclosed Flash video where she explains why she decided to launch this site and examines her own experiences -- good and bad -- in porn, to the enhanced breakdown of everything from establishing your "pre-porn" mindset and foundation to finding an agency to promote your talents to dealing with issues in shooting a scene; Monica really does an excellent job of providing the tools needed for interested persons to make informed decisions about doing XXX videos and other explicit sexual media.

And she manages to do this without the usual preaching and moralizing about how porn should only be this way or that way; she simply states the facts as they exist, and leaves it up to the viewer to consider her own destiny. She does allow for her own personal beliefs and perspective as a Black female porn performer, which is very much refreshing considering the usual lack of visibility amongst Black women in porn.

Monica's site is backed up by an associated blog, a MySpace page, and a series of videos available on YouTube.

Anyone who wants an honest, yet positive and accurate guide into getting into "the industry" should go immediately to Monica's is more than worth the time.

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  1. Wow - really good informative site. Even if you have no intention of becoming a performer, but just want to know a bit more about how the industry looks from the inside, its well worth a read through.