Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, And Some Minor Changes to This Blog

I know that it has been quiet here for the holidays, so I have taken advantage of the down time to make some adjustments to this blog.

First off....due to the late run of spamming and drive-by trolling we have endured, I am now officially putting all comments on moderation (save for the usual posts by our founding contributors, such as Ernest, Ren Ev, IACB, or any other pro-porn/anti-censorship activist). Myself, Ren, Ernest, or IACB will now have the authority to reject any comment that we find to be offensive, trolling, or otherwise insulting to the purpose of this blog in defending sexual expression and those who purvey and produce such. Those who want to engage in meaningful debate and discussion, of course, are always welcome, but if you are only here to pick fights or to run the usual smack, then you will be banished pretty quick.

The second notice is that we are now inviting anyone who is directly involved in the porn industry -- whether it be as a performer, producer, webmaster, or otherwise, to become a contributor to this blog. This is not to solicit gossip or to promote spamming, but simply to allow those who have been mostly left out of the debate on porn and free expression to have a free and protected space to speak their mind. If you are really good enough, we will make you a fulltime contributor with all the powers therein.

Finally, on a personal blogging update: I have unfortunately been forced to move my SmackDog Chronicles blog to a new webhost due to my old domain being phished too many times...which resulted in my old webhosting company permanently suspending my domain. I have saved my old posts from that location and will be transferring all of them (including the Nina Hartley Shmate interview series) to the new blog as time permits...but it will take some time to do so given my work schedule. In the meantiime, here's the new adresss for the SmackChron:

Hopefully 2010 will be a bit more productive with less drama for everyone.

ADDEDUM: I failed to note that Ren Ev has gracefully decided to share her formerly exclusive moderator/owner powers, and have granted me full moderator rights and privileges and responsibilities. Since she was the one who originated the idea and the spirit of this blog to begin with, all of us are grateful and thankful for her efforts, her activism, and her being such a determined misantrope and a freedom fighter.


  1. Happy New Decade-ence!

    Anthony, I'd like to be able to contribute wholesale articles to the blog - I've got a sound recording of a debate Bob Jensen had in Chicago in 2007 with a woman who I would describe as "Nina's Nipple-Squeeze Victim", for example.

  2. Sheldon:

    If Ernest and/or Ren have no objections to it, then I'd have no problems whatsoever, either.

    If you have a downloadable file of that debate, go ahead and email it to me, and I'll find a way to place it here.


  3. Sheldon....Ernest and Ren just gave the me and I will put you in as a contributor.


  4. Thanks - I'll get on it ASAP.