Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slight Alteration of the Blog Theme

After getting final approval from Ernest and Ren, I've went ahead and updated the blog appearance with a slightly new theme. This is probably not as radical as most expected, but one of the main constraints was that I wanted to keep the header photo at the top...and none of the newer themes that I really wanted would allow me to do that.

So what say thou?? Good enough, or should I go farther??


  1. Actually, I don't like the white on black so much in terms of readability.

    Also, I'd like to add some links to the "us" column:

    The Blowfish Blog: http://blog.blowfish.com/
    BlueBlood Blog: http://www.blueblood.net/
    ErosBlog: http://www.erosblog.com/
    Furry Girl: http://www.feminisnt.com/
    Men of Color Blog: http://menofcolor.blogs.com/
    Monica Foster: http://monicafoster.blogspot.com/
    Ms Naughty Porn for Women Blog: http://www.msnaughty.com/blog/
    Porn Perspectives: http://pornperspectives.typepad.com/
    Sugarbank: http://sugarbank.com/
    Viviane's Sex Carnival: http://www.thesexcarnival.com/

  2. IACB:

    Funny...I tend to like the dark background...and I did alter the text to be a bit less white for easability. But, this is not quite the final color; still have other themes and templates to play with.

    I will add those links you recommended later today.


  3. I like the new look, but I'm curious: what is the new theme/impression you are going for? I am new to the blog but I definitely think this theme has a bit more character to it :)

  4. Thanks for updating the blogroll, Anthony.

    A little proofreading: there are a couple of URLs that are misspelled or have changed, so the links aren't working. Here are the correct ones:

    Black Sexxxology: http://blacksexxxology.com/

    Carol Queen's Blog: http://carolqueen.wordpress.com/

    Furry Girl: http://www.feminisnt.com/

    It looks like the "Feminists for Porn" page is completely gone and I haven't been able to find a new page. Also, the link for Ren's old blog has a backward end parentheses.

  5. Sorry 'bout that...my proofreading skills must be going south on me.

    Will be correcting shortly.


  6. Actually, Whitney, there's really no rhyme or reason to my tweaking the theme...just trying to make an improvement over the older theme, which was rather blech and blahh, but served its purpose.

    And, as you can see, I'm still experimenting...though this looks to be more or less the finished product.


  7. While you at it, here are few more blogs worth linking to:

    Jiz Lee: http://jizlee.com/wordpress/

    Kinky Feminism (Madison Young): http://kinkyfeminism.blogspot.com/

    Theresa "Darklady" Reed @ Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theresa-darklady-reed

    And under the "Sex Workers and Allies" heading, I highly recommend adding

    Border Thinking (Laura Agustín): http://www.nodo50.org/Laura_Agustin/

    (Indispensable blog on sex work, even if it isn't about porn per se.)

    Oh, and Furry Girl's blog URL is still typod. Its http://www.feminisnt.com/ . (eg, FeminIsn't).

  8. Thanks for dropping by, Whitney, and, yeah, good question about visual theme.

    When I do PowerPoint presentations (typically on scientific topics totally unrelated to this one), I usually give some thought to how design elements are related to the presentation I'm giving. In one, the color theme I used was largely sampled out of one of the main photos I used in the presentation, with some variation on color saturation and value.

    For this blog, I'm kind of lacking in suggestions as to what to go for visually. I'm not sure what visual theme cries out "Sexual Freedom!", "Free Speech!", "Sex Worker Rights!", which are some of the driving values that converge around the politics of porn.

    More generally, I suppose "pink" is the stereotypical color for porn and the sex industry, and Fleshbot makes pretty good use of it. See also, Susie Bright's blog. In any even, readability is priority #1, and actually, I really like what Bound, Not Gagged and Sex in the Public Square do in terms of white boxes on darker background, which is easily readable. On the other hand, the Black Sexxxology blog, which I saw for the first time today, is visually very nice and highly readable, in spite of using light text on dark background.

  9. Nice work by all concerned. I think it's looking sharper every day.

  10. Still not sure about the gray background, but otherwisse like the remodeling so far.

    Readability has to come first, but given the subject matter, I think we're still a bit on the somber side.

  11. Gang:

    Took everything into consideration, and came up with what you see now. Feel better about it so that I can close it as the final look (at least for now)??


  12. For the background, I'd go for a less saturated pink along the lines of Susie Bright's blog or Fleshbot. I don't know if you're using software that allows much choice for color, though.

  13. your theme is nice. but i think the picture on the top is not appropriate on a background color. it will look perfect on black and white theme. and one more the text color red. it blend on the background.