Friday, October 17, 2008

I know, I know...

I know I shouldn't look. But it's just a horribly grim fascination. Why yes, some people just loooove TPoP! They probably even think it's fair and honest and unbaised and whatnot.

Ah, crusaders...

You know, I am sure some people would say the same thing about me, that I'm some sort of sellout black knight fighting an unholy war...oh, wait...but you know, there is a huge difference between myself and a whole lot of these folk. A huge one.

I am not telling anyone they should view or participate in pornography. I'm not telling anyone they have to like it. Nor am I afraid to look outside my own sphere and see what other people are saying, to hear and read their experiences.

I also, ahem, do not stack my data, misrepresent the findings of various studies, or use material made 2-3 decades ago.

Or flat out lie about the most popular porn of the year 2005. Ahem.

Let it never be said I ever told any person what to do, what to feel, how to think, and used underhanded -and illegal- means to make my point.

That, I think, is a major difference between us and them.


  1. "It is particularly revealing when male pornographers openly discuss their views about women and how men should relate to them, and when male and female porn users candidly discuss the role pornography has played in shaping their sexual imaginations and relationships. Honest and nonjudgmental, the film paints both a nuanced and complex portrait..."

    A sentence-long snippet is not a discussion. I think we all know from reading Ernest's review that this film is as "honest", "nonjudgmental", "nuanced", and "complex" as Ben Stein's "Expelled".

    Notice how Whisnant gives a glowing review blurb while the review article doesn't list her as one of the creators of the movie. And, Sun describes herself as "a good listener".

  2. Actually, I found Sun to be a good listener. She paid very close attention during our three hours together.

    It's her selective memory that's problematic. And her even more selective editing.

  3. That's the thing - it sounds to me like Chyng Sun is the "good cop", getting people to relax and do interviews, after which their words get brutally yanked and twisted out of context. And perhaps also getting people in audiences to think that the anti-porn people are listening to and caring about other points of view when they talk with her.

  4. That was exactly the sense I got from her even over the phone when we were scheduling the interview, which is why I brought a long a highly respected British journalist friend of mine, a woman who has made a career of interviewing the famous and powerful, when I went to Sun's room for our little chat. I wanted a reliable witness in case something needed validation after the fact.

    My friend's assessment, as a professional interviewer herself, was that Sun's performance, as she called it, was "nothing short of brilliant."