Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Price of Pleasure now viewable online


Low-rez, watermarked, and mosaicked, but, hey, nobody's viewing it for the visuals.

(I was thinking of embedding it here, but seeing as several writers here have been complaining about their utter lack of 2257 compliance, I'd rather just keep that shit on their site.)

Addendum 8/12/09:

A DVD-quality copy of TPoP is available via BitTorrent (you'll need to use a piece of BT client software like LimeWire, Vuze, ĀµTorrent, etc) if you want to see this thing in its full glory. Link here. The torrent is linked through the anarchist site OneBigTorrent.org and I'm not sure if its "authorized", however, regarding copyright issues around TPoP, I'll just note that I have as much respect for copyright as TPoP's producers and leave it at that.

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