Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Does An Ageless Sex Goddess Celebrate Her 50th Birthday??

If you happen to be Nina Hartley, you....

1) reflect on your impact on the world at large. (Which would be, on the subject of sex and pleasure and women's sexuality, and bringing progressive values into the hardcore erotic medium, pretty much HUGE.

2) You have lots and lots of sex. (Ahhh....duh.)

3) You debut at the Huffington Post with a killer essay depicting a fictional brunch with another legend and world changer who has had her own share of ups and downs....and has managed to persevere through it all with strength.

What's that you say....Barbie's a doll, and she can't speak??? Well. let's pretend that she can, and that she and Nina decide to have a gettogether where they shoot the breeze about their lives.

Fortunately, Nina can speak, and type, and write. Based on the results, pretty damn well, too.

Show her your love by going there and reading..and then drop her some birthday wishes and some thanks for...well, just being, talking, and doing the sexy for so long.

Nina Hartley: My Brunch With Barbie (from The Huffington Post)


  1. Happy Birthday Nina! Vic and I love you (Vic REALLY loves you) and of course we both agree you are the sexiest, sweetest and smartest woman alive!

    You've done good in your fifty years, sister!


    Lisa and Vic

  2. That essay rocks. I think Nina is up with Susie Bright as one of the great sex-poz essayists, even if she isn't as well-known as a writer as some other authors.