Friday, March 6, 2009

More Hot Air from the Windy City

So last month I posted about the meeting between Robert Jensen and Tom Dart, the Chicago-area sheriff and anti-prostitution crusader. This grandstanding prick is now making headlines suing Craigslist in federal court in an attempt to force them to drop its "erotic services" section entirely. Story here and here. Bound, Not Gagged posts a response from SWOP Chicago here.

His argument is that advertising prostitution online is promoting a "public nuisance" and should be banned on that basis. Evidently driving more prostitution back out onto the streets (which is what is likely to happen if internet prostitution is curbed) doesn't come under this guy's idea of "nuisance".

I also notice from one of the videos of Dart's press conference that the anti-prostitution group CAASE was part of it. And CAASE, in turn, is a group that has worked quite closely with Melissa Farley in the last few years and who's "Alliances" page is pretty much a laundry list of the usual suspects from the "progressive" anti-porn and anti-prostitution milieu.

I point to the latter, because I'm so sick of hearing how anti-porn radical feminists are a marginalized group that doesn't exercise real political power. Once again, very real links to powerful players in politics and law enforcement who are doing their bidding is revealed here. The antis, both Right and "Left", have real power in the real world (power that in the opinion of those of us here at least, does real harm to real people). Its about fucking time they owned up to that power.


  1. You're so right. Damned if aint almost impossible to get oneself a sex worker or access some porn nowadays. These feminists must be stopped.
    Furthermore, I can't think of anyone better equipped to speak of hot air than you sir.

  2. IACB: Yeah, I get real sick of the "we're so marginalized" crap too. I feel a post about that coming on.

  3. bigLarry –

    Yeah, so finding a sex worker is not difficult at present. Which makes hunting them down through elaborate sting operations (which Dart has done) progressive exactly how? Or shutting down venues that allow prostitutes an alternative to street prostitution?

    And exactly why aren't feminists who are helping push for this responsible for how they're exercising political power?

    Glad you're enjoying my blogging.

  4. Oh, bigLarry...."Feminists"??
    Are you calling Sheriff Dart a "feminist" just because he busts young women whom happen to be "prostitutes"?? Even if they don't do anything to harm real people??

    And I thought that those "feminists" were supposed to be opposed to stinging women in sex work....isn't the very concept of the "Swedish Model" to go after the MEN, not the women?? So...why the hell is Bob the Guilttripper standing in solidarity with this fool, exactly??

    There's hot air, and then their the kind that goes out the other end. Guess which describes your words most, bL. Snarkery will get you.....nowhere.


  5. Sorry...that last "their" should have been "there's".


  6. I suppose the good news in all this is that Sheriff Dart made the announcement a day before SWOP-Chi's annual benefit party and people came out in droves on Friday and gave us tons of money "to support the cause". Our most profitable benefit yet. So thanks, Sheriff Dart, for getting people to come out and support the sex workers.