Friday, September 4, 2009

A Chance To Spread Some Positive News For A Change: Help Nina Hartley Get A 2010 SxSW Panel

For all the bad and negative things that have been reported about porn, here's an opportunity to actually spread some positive vibes for a change.

The South by Southwest (SxSW) festival that takes place every year in Austin, Texas is basically their version of the Cannes Film Festival....but with a sizable music and online interactive segment as well. This year, they've decided to include various panels featuring discussion on sex work and sexuality and it's impacts on online social networking.

And this is where Nina Hartley enters the picture.

Nina, of course, is well known and honored for her legacy of sex education and sex-positive truth-telling...but she is now on a mission to expand her reach to include online social networking. Thusly, she is soon to be launching her own sexually-based adult social network (that's sexually based as in discussion, not sexually explicit) , Ninaland, where adults can have a safe space to discuss matters involving sexual progressive culture.

And, just as thusly, she is now publically proposing to score a panel at next year's SxSW festival featuring the impact of adult social networking on Internet porn.

Beginning recently, the folks at SxSW recently developed a "Panel Picker" page where folks can register (for free) and vote for which panels would appear at their show.

Nina's proposal for her panel is now online, and you can go there to see what she would offer....and to vote her in.

The page can be found here:

Nina Hartley's 2010 SxSW Panel Picker Page

Getting her panel into the show would be quite a coup....and getting Nina to Austin wouldn't suck much either.


  1. Here's a list of some of the questions that will be discussed at Nina's proposed panel discussion:

    # What is the history of porn on the internet?

    # How has it evolved?

    # How has the internet offered more access to sexual information and what is its affect on the general public?

    # How has more increased access to pornography changed the ways in which society views it?

    # How has social networking altered the consumption of porn online?

    # How did Nina get started online?

    # How has social networking affected the way Nina interacts with her fans?

    # How has social networking affected the evolution of Nina's Career?

    # How has social networking technology allowed Adult stars and celebrities, in general, take control over their careers?

    # What are the financial advantages for artists who utilize social networking technology in terms of owning their own content?

    Fascinating questions, all...and more than worthy of inclusion at the festival.


  2. Oh...and incidentally: the deadline for voting to get Nina into SxSW is actually spread the word around and vote her in, please.


  3. Already done, of course. Comments on the vote page are all extremely positive. If people get moving and vote I'd say the prospects are good.

    Thanks for posting this here.

  4. And on a slightly-related note, I started the largest and most active pansexual BDSM club in Austin. And the Internet was a big part of making that possible.

    Also, if Nina goes there, my club will be having a party on March 20th. They have parties on the third Saturday of every odd-numbered month.