Monday, September 7, 2009

First person jailed under UK "extreme porn" law

Via YNOT and The Register, a Manchester, UK man has had his house raided and been remanded to custody for possession of bestiality porn. By all reports, the accused had nothing to do with production of the images. Regardless of one's feelings on the production of bestiality porn, exactly what social good is being accomplished by throwing this guy into jail and otherwise destroying this guys life is beyond me. I suppose defenders of laws like this will say it "sends a message", or some such nonsense.

"Progressive" anti-pornography legislation at its finest here.


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  2. Wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention john!

    I agree. The pictures in this article were fantastic!

  3. Ahhhh....John and sockpuppet:

    This is NOT the place for spamming porn; this is strictly a discussion blog for pro-porn activism.

    I may not have the power to delete you, but I will refer you to Ren and Ernest, who do.

    Try to remember that before your next post.


  4. John and his pal need to go off this thread, but i don't have any admin abilities here.

    Perhaps someone else will intervene.

  5. If Ren would be gracious enough to pass along co-moderation abilities to the rest of us, I'd be happy to keep up on cleanup, keep the bloglist updated, consolidate post labels, etc. I believe this actually can be done without Ren's losing the status of Blog Owner.