Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shelley Lubben's latest

Anybody seen this yet?:

Shelley Lubben packs the LA AIDS Commission meeting. And, yep, if you watch to the very end, the Tim Samuels BBC story is prominently mentioned.

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  1. Already had the pleasure, thanks. Made me feel sorry for the supervisors, which is a rare experience living here.

    Not surprised about the Samuels thing showing up. It's pretty clear that the pact among rad-fems, bible-thumpers and contribution-seeking NGOs is pretty well coordinated despite their differences over minor issues like reproductive choice and gay rights. Clearly, neither Michael Weinstein nor the folks at SPC have a problem with letting a right wing evangelist serve as their public face, despite these rather obvious differences.

    Someone needs to point these differences out, and ask a few questions.

    I think next week we may see some push-back on this nonsense, after conferring with sources at AVN, X-Biz and the F.S.C.

    More to come in a later post.