Saturday, March 6, 2010

AHF Pickets AIM Clinic - A New Low

Just when you think there is no depth of sleaze to which AHF will not sink in their campaign to seize control of the adult video industry's healthcare and STD testing and monitoring "franchise" they show up at the clinic to shout lies and scare off people wanting to be tested or needing medical treatment.

Real humanitarians who feel deeply about the health and safety of performers these folks. If there's a potential shot at two seconds on the local news, there appears to be nothing they won't do. These tactics are straight out of The Operation Rescue Handbook.

People who picket clinics and intimidate clients seeking testing and/or treatment are beneath contempt, even if they believe what they're saying is true, which in the case of these cynical hacks is hardly so. They don't give a rat's ass what's true. They care about landing some kind of contract from the State of California to provide services inferior to those we already offer. If a few performers get sick as a result, no big thing, as long as Weinstein can add a few hundred thousand bucks more to AHF's bank account.

This stunt is truly sickening in every sense.

Read all about it:

Will there be some push-back on this one? Count on it.


  1. "For his part, Engeran-Cordova told AVN that AHF 'would like to have some genuine conversations with folks about this. It's not about denigrating the industry; it's about protecting people and, frankly, the public's purse from a whole lot of expense.'"

    If that was the case, then why did AHF and its academic allies specifically exclude representatives of AIM or anybody connected with the industry, including current performers, from the last public meeting they held at UCLA? Conversation indeed.

  2. You can tell when they're lying. Their lips are moving.

  3. Any news on the Cal/OSHA hearings today? Its been all over the mainstream media today. From what I gather, Shelley Lubben's god squad was out in force, but I don't know if any current performers testified.

  4. Here's the AVN report.

    Tomorrow when I have a little more specific information, I'll tell you what really happened, as opposed to what appears to have happened.

    For now, suffice it to say it was an illuminating lesson in the realities of state politics for some people who thought they were rather more clever than was actually the case.

  5. Here's the report from AVN:

    Very interesting indeed. A lot of predictable bullshit from AHF and the Lubben gang, but some important clues between the lines.

    I'll be back shortly with more to say, but I think the grand plan to stick it to the porn biz these fools cooked up may have just blown right up in their faces.

    Pictures at eleven.