Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forget The Swedish Model...Iceland Goes APRF Crazy, Bans Strip Clubs

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And to think that liberals and Leftists love to mock the Teabaggers for their outright looniness..we may not be able to laugh so long if this group of radfems get as much a hold of the Obama Presidency as they have apparently overtaken the ruling government of Iceland.

The story from the UK Guardian:

Iceland: the world's most feminist country

Iceland is fast becoming a world-leader in feminism. A country with a tiny population of 320,000, it is on the brink of achieving what many considered to be impossible: closing down its sex industry.

While activists in Britain battle on in an attempt to regulate lapdance clubs – the number of which has been growing at an alarming rate during the last decade – Iceland has passed a law that will result in every strip club in the country being shut down. And forget hiring a topless waitress in an attempt to get around the bar: the law, which was passed with no votes against and only two abstentions, will make it illegal for any business to profit from the nudity of its employees.

Even more impressive: the Nordic state is the first country in the world to ban stripping and lapdancing for feminist, rather than religious, reasons. Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir, the politician who first proposed the ban, firmly told the national press on Wednesday: "It is not acceptable that women or people in general are a product to be sold." When I asked her if she thinks Iceland has become the greatest feminist country in the world, she replied: "It is certainly up there. Mainly as a result of the feminist groups putting pressure on parliamentarians. These women work 24 hours a day, seven days a week with their campaigns and it eventually filters down to all of society."

The news is a real boost to feminists around the world, showing us that when an entire country unites behind an idea anything can happen. And it is bound to give a shot in the arm to the feminist campaign in the UK against an industry that is both a cause and a consequence of gaping inequality between men and women.

[excerpted from full article here]
It should be noted that the author of the Guardian article that practically gushes with praise for this most wonderful "feminist" action is Julie Bindel, a long time antiporn/antiprostitution activist and a favorite within APRF circles.

Of course, my guess is that Ms. Bindel probably would get a slightly different opinion of her favored government from the women who are now unemployed or threatened with not only the loss of income, but perhaps even jail time, thanks to the enlightened leadership of such "feminism".

Or, the women who now will face the prospect of even greater risk of sexual assault or harrassment in the streets due to the closing down of safe and formerly legal venues of adult entertainment.

Or....even those who will now hang their heads in shame that the term "feminism" has been now officially hijacked and smeared through the actions of women whose only incentive is to indict, convict, and even execute men for the evil thought crime of thinking about women as free and equal sexual beings....or simply having erections. (Would Ms. Bindel be so exercised about the supposedly boorish behavior of gay men towards each other??  Or, do they need to have gay bars and other potential places of hooking up closed down, too, just to satisfy her (and the Icelander government's) newly created fear of male erect penii???)

Also...I'd wonder how many of the votes for this strip club ban came from right-wing fundamentalist conservatives who share Ms. Bindel's concerns, yet from a more "religious" perspective of "immorality":rather than the cover of "protecting women" from the evil male gaze?? Of course, no feminist worth her title would EVER ally themselves with such right-wing people to pass, ma'am, only those evil pro-porn rapist MEN would portray them as conservatives out to use the State to regulate sexual choices!!!

Unfortunately, in the bizarro world of "left" antipornradicalfeminism, which seems to be taking over whatever's left of "the Left" in Europe, everything old is new again. Rumors of MacDworkinism's death appear to be badly mistaken and unfounded.

And if we're not too careful and don't start fighting hard, we'll have to face this shit here within our own borders. Remember, Cass Sustein could very well be our next Supreme Court Justice....Glenn Beck's ravings notwithstanding.

Update by Anthony (4-1-10):  As noted in my latest comment, I have gone ahead and closed comments for this entry, for the purpose of not extending the drama any further.  I have gone ahead and crossposted this entry over to my SmackDog Chronicles blog. All who had participated in the debate here are more than welcome to move over there and continue the discussion; I will be in a better position to respond to critics there.

Here's the link:

Forget The Swedish Model...Iceland Goes APRF Crazy And Bans Strip Clubs (The Remixed Version) -- The SmackDog Chronicles

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  1. This has been in the works for some time and while it may be celebrated as a great victory by Ms. Bindel and some of her pals, it will merely add to the misery of sex workers in a country reduced to bankruptcy and begging within the EU owing to the utter incompetence and gullibility of its political leadership.

    One would think a nation in such dire straits would turn its attention to more urgent matters than shutting down strip clubs, and if the rad-fem gang in the UK really gave a skinny rat's ass about the circumstances of women there, they might address themselves to Iceland's economic plight as well, rather than misrepresenting this unfortunate nation as a feminist Eden.

    Given the desperation there right now, I'm sure that sex-work driven newly underground combined with high levels of alcohol consumption and profound hardship throughout the land will result in greater harm to sex-workers, who are unlikely to abandon their trades in pursuit of a mythical APRF utopia.

    Not that The Guardian, Bindel or the rest of their gang will lose any sleep over the suffering of a few fallen women in their pursuit of loftier priorities.

  2. Readers will note that four blog posts have been permanently deleted.

    Here's why. The first was from someone identifying as Anti-Porn Radical feminist and it was full of the usual ranting about "stinking hypocrites" and "vile misogynists."

    Though Anthony chose to respond with some attempt at debate, the whole reason moderation was instituted here was to preserve this space for porn-positive commentary and/or RATIONAL critical discourse regarding porn and sex work. There are plenty of places porn and sex work hate-mongers can go to spill their swill, but this isn't one of them. It's the only place on the Web exclusively dedicated to the purpose its name makes clear. It is a blog for pro-porn activism.

    Anti-porn activists are cordially invited to bugger off. Go complain about being "silenced" in any of the dozens of venues available to you for exactly that kind of whinging.

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  4. I went ahead and deleted that last comment, since the issues addressed should be vented more in private. I support Ernest's action regarding not allowing opposition voices to pollute debate here. I only wish that the baby hadn't been thrown out with the bath water, so to speak.


  5. Anthony,

    Correction. I have no objection to "opposition voices" being heard here, not do I believe rational disagreement pollutes debate. On the contrary, I think such disagreement is the soul of debate.

    I do object to vituperative trolling aimed at derailing discussion in this space and I will continue to ban it, even at the cost of losing potentially valuable comments in reply.

    I have stated my reasons for this and I think they're pretty clear and logical and I'm not going quibble over them with friend or foe here or elsewhere.

  6. Point acknowledged, Ernest.

    I do reserve the right, though, as co-moderator of this blog, to republish my rebutal over at my own blog, if only to clear up my role in this and publically restate my positions in opposition to APRF's.

    I'd rather give them enough rope to hang them with; while you would shoot on sight. Just a slight difference in method, but different nevertheless.


  7. Did you hear the news that a volcano erupted in Iceland? Maybe Mama Nature is expressing her objection.

  8. What pissed me off about that J Bindle piece is that she was treating the women working in that Icelandic place as badly as she imagined the customers of the place were. They were just fodder for her own fantasies. They didn't look happy, she said; but since she didn't ask them, or bother to find out what they would have been doing if they hadn't been working there, she could really have had no idea.
    This is a law designed to make the middle class feel good about themselves, without actually having to do anything. The only people who will have to pay for it will be working class (and probably foreign), so that must be OK as well. I don't know how people like this manage to think of themselves as liberals.

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  10. Now as to the subject at hand, I posted about this almost exactly a year ago (link), when the law was first passed. There is also a complete ban on porn, though this simply continues Iceland's long-standing obscenity laws (though I suppose these laws are now "feminist" rather than traditionalist).

    One would hope that these kind of legal strategies will remain confined to the Nordic countries, with their fantasies of being a socialist feminist utopia, but such strategies are being pushed hard by socially conservative "progressives" the world over. Hopefully, as happened during the 1980s, there will be an authentically progressive backlash against this kind of neo-paternalism.

  11. Oh, and before I forget: nice work on the look of the blog, Anthony! I like the new visual theme.

  12. Out of safety and for the sake of not creating any more controversy, I will simply decide to close down comments here.

    I will be reposting this over at my SmackDog Chronicles blog, along with my own personal opinions on the overall state of the Left concerning sex work, and anyone wanting an extended debate will are encouraged to go there.

    To that end, any comments pending on this thread here from this point on will be rejected. If you happen to be on the queue, I offer my deepest apologies...but I would rather that this blog not be the source for any more drama.

    With that, I yield back the balance of the time, and close this thread.