Sunday, March 7, 2010

Internal Blog Business: Return of the Original SmackChron (Sort Of)

The follwing is not neccesarily porn related, just some followup on some blog issues of mine that got resolved recently.

For those of you who were unaware, two months ago the domain that I had used to host my original SmackDog Chronicles blog had been hacked into, thus causing the original webhost to pull my domain without warning.

I was able to find a different domain and start fresh, but in the transfer all of my posts from my original blog location were nuked...and that included some material that I had been saving, such as the reprint of Sheldon Ranz's classic 1989 interview with Nina Hartley, and some exchanges on the madness of Shelley Lubben's antiporn ministry from the perspective of some porn performers that she and her followers were maligning.

At least, I thought that it was lost.  Until, about a month ago, when much to my utter surprise, I discovered that I had saved the database which contained all of the posts that I thought I had previously lost.

Problem was, not being an expert on manipulationg databases within WordPress blogs, I wasn't able as of then to successfully transfer them to my new blog location. That's is, until last Friday...when I discovered that all I had to do was to change the URL in a certain field of my database from my former domain to my current one.

That, and a bit of minor jigging with some code, finally did the trick...and I am finally happy to anounce that my "old" SmackChron blog is now back in operation.  I was even able to move all of the latest posts from the newer blog that I set up back over to the "old" location, so now everything is now consolidated

Essentially, the "old" blog is now located at my new domain, otherwise everything else remains accessible, including all the extraneous pages and other stuff.

I have updated the linkroll here reflecting the new URL; but here it is here for posterity sake:

The SmackDog Chronicles (Version 2.6)

The only difference is in the domain name (; otherwise, everything old is new again...and vice versa.


  1. Congratulations. That's great news. I'll have to head on over and take a look at what I've missed.

  2. Ernest:

    Actually, you haven't missed that much, since I haven't been posting too much this past month, other than basking in the afterglow of the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl.

    The main problem was that when my old blog was hacked twice in successive days, the old webhost decided to basically terminate my subscription, which meant that the blog was effectively shut down and inaccessible to everyone.

    Though I was able to find a new webhost (bless you,, until last week I wasn't able to transfer all of the many pages and posts over to the new location. Thusly, all of the links were ending up as broken since they were still dependent on the old domain name.

    The funny thing was that I had to go into the database and physically change the URLs of all the db files to reflect the new location of the blog...which could have become a real headache. Thankfully, my remedial knowledge of SQL coding and some googling led me to find an alternative that allowed me to code in a mass "search and replace" which changed the strings in the URLs to match the new blog location. That, and passing over all the most recent blog entries from the NEW blog (SmackChron 2.8) I had created to replace the formerly dead one back to the recovered and restored blog (SD 2.6), finished the job.

    Either way, it's great to finally have everything back to near normal. I'll probably be back to mass posting my usual rad lefty screeds soon, as I have the time.