Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh...A Favor to ask our Fearless Henchleader....

Hey, Ren...if you have the time, could you update the link for the SmackChron that's located in the blogroll here? It's still linking to the old 2.3 rather than the present 2.6 version of the blog.

Here's the correct addy:

Also....could you also add the addy for the Lady C Boudoir blog to the Blogroll as well??

Sure would appreciate 'ya more than I already do....okthanxcyabuhbyefornow.


  1. There are a few more I'd like to add:

    Amelia G:


    Carnal Knowledge:



    Free Speech Coalition:

    La Libertine's Salon:

    Let Them Eat Pro-SM Feminist Safe Spaces:

    Men of Color Blog:

    Ms Naughty Porn for Women Blog:

    Porn Perspectives:


    Sex In the Public Square:

    Silent Porn Star:

    Viviane's Sex Carnival:

    These are all good blogs/sites, but I'd like to particularly point out Porn Perspectives, Darklady, and the Blue Blood blog – there's some excellent writing about porn and related topics on these blogs, but they hardly get linked to at all from the usual network of sex-poz blogs.

  2. AK, done, IACB, I'll get on it later, I am tired :)

  3. OK, thanks Ren. Also, one more for the list:

    Hot Movies for Her:

  4. Oh, and I messed up on the URL for Let Them Eat Pro-SM Feminist Safe Spaces – it should be simply without all the stuff following.

  5. Much abliged, ma'am. :-)

    As we like to say around here: we appreciate 'ya.