Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TPoP Returns to L.A.

Yes, after the previous fiasco reported here, the TPoP gang wants to take another shot at inflicting their bullshit on the one place where the numbers and the expertise exist to call them out for it. In fact, L.A. is the place where those victimized and exploited by this mendacious piece of agitprop just happen to live. As before, unless the showing is closed to all but invited attendees, as I suspect it might be this time, we'll be back for another face off with those who think that the best way to combat the evils of porn is to misuse the likenesses, actions and words of those involved in making it to forward the producers' hate-driven agenda.

Here are the details of TPoP's next showing in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles, CA
02.26.09, Thursday
7 pm
University of Southern California
Women's Student Assembly

Women and men from the porn industry will be there to speak for themselves, as they did previouslly. This time, without all the dancing around about the date and location, I hope to see more faces that appear in the film in the audience to confront those who have deceived and defamed them in the creation of this monstrosity.

Should we all be barred from the screening, well I guess we'll just have to stand outside with placards in our hands and tape over our mouths while the local TV news cameras make a permenant record of the proceedings.

Each time they bring their spool of cinematic offal here, they demonstrate their utter contempt for all of us who make our livings in porn.

The least we can do is return the compliment. Rest assured, we will not fail to do so.


  1. Can't wait to get the play-by-play from you, Ernest! Your previous encounter with them was excellent too.

  2. I take it this is not another direct appearance by Dines or Jensen.

    In any event, its great that you're doing this, Ernest. The voices of the people who work in the industry, the ones who the anti-porn movement is supposedly trying to save, are exactly the ones who are being deliberately excluded by the antis and that needs to be countered.

  3. Thanks for the encourgement.

    This time, the producers are supposedly going to show up.

    We'll see who actually appears, and if they let us in. I'll keep you all in the loop.

  4. If they really had something to say, they wouldn't feel the need to get into such a tizzy about y'all's being there.

  5. Trinity,

    They have something to say, but they don't want anyone to hear it who might contradict their message, especially if the dissenters happen to be people who appear without their consent in the movie.

    I'm practically willing to bet that this showing will be closed to the general public because they don't want any potential recruits to their movement confronted by those who were trashed for the benefit of the noble cause.

    We'll see what eventuates, but after last time, I'd be very surprised if they didn't take some measures to exclude those who were unwillingly included in the film itself, especially other women who fall into that category.

    It is ever the way of radfems to treat female sex workers worse than "the pimp lobby" and every other class of villain associated with "pornstitution."