Saturday, August 4, 2007


Heart of WomensSpace, a radical feminist who is among other things anti-pornography, recently got hacked and then later spammed with insults and threats for posting about it. The most recent of which she documents here (violence ahoy):
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Heart, this is horrible. I¹m sorry that this is happening to you. These people want nothing to do but to hurt you and your cause. I feel for you.

In fact, I want to feel you now. I¹d like to tie you down, take a knife, and slit your throat. I¹d penetrate you over and over in all orifices, and create some of my own to stick myself in.

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Which is, of course, completely icky, reprehensible, and at the very least all about using misogyny to frighten and threaten a woman.

But of course, the people at whom the insults are aimed take from this not that some hackers are truly disgusting assholes, but rather that no one would do such a thing if not for porn:

Kitty Glendower

Oh…..but porn is so harmless…..says the yay porn people!

I think he just wants to get thrown in jail so a man can rape him and then he can pretend like he is the victim.

And of course, while rape of women is shocking and horrifying, rape is every asshole male's secret wish. For them it's fun and kinky.

*sigh* I'm sure I'll get all of nowhere saying this, but:

Reprehensible behavior is reprehensible behavior. None of "Team Yayporn" would ever be okay with threatening tactics like this.

And rape is rape. It's not funny when it's wished on men. Either rape jokes are funny, nifty, amusing, or they're not. Either people need to "lighten up" about them or, you know... not.

RApe of men is rarer. Rape of men is often brought up to derail feminist discussion. Etc, etc, etc. All true.

But that doesn't make it FUNNY, or a kink. Any more than women having fantasies of being ravished means it's okay for someone to rape a woman.

And presupposing someone fantasizes about rape, just so you can laugh at him...

That's just not on.

Heart deserves sympathy for being picked on by these asshats the same as anyone else does.

But Heart's posse ought, really ought, put the blame where it actually lies.


  1. whoever posted this comment used language specifically chosen to yank Heart's chain as hard as possible.

    although the language is obviously misogynist, the commenter's primary goal is not to say "hey, check out how misogynist I am," nor even "I hate women, I hate women who are antiporn, I hate women who are radical feminists" - the goal is simply to push Heart's buttons and the buttons of her commenters.

    he's the internet equivalent of a pyromaniac arsonist is all. no real reason, nothing personal - just likes to see things burn.

    the guy took the cheapest possible shot. which makes it hard for people who have legitimate grievances to air them without being lumped in with fucking morons.

  2. playing devil's advocate, i think directly emailing someone with personalized language about raping and knifing you, personally, is a step beyond generalized "ho ho, prison rape," however hateful the latter is.

    that said, what AP said. troll, troll. they go after feminists and anti-racists and white power sites and Fox News and furry boards and anyone else who strikes their fancy. which does not mean that they -aren't- racist, misogynist fuckstains. those boards are like the Id of the Internet; they're like Peeves the Poltergeist crossed with SOuth Park shading into Andrew Dice Clay.

    and, still, I don't blame Heart & co. for being freaked out or trying to track the trolls down; hell, I cheered Jill of Feministe when she took on the autoadmit assholes, (or any number of similar cases); they played the "just kidding" thing too, but when people who talk like that also know your real name, can track your address and number and spread all that info to the four winds...yeah. I'd not just dismiss it, even if i did also recognize it as the chain yanking that it is.

    but yeah, and then of course at the same time as making this into this is a blow against all women (except of course for us unwomen who -never- get harassed or threatened or attacked, no), continuing the demonizing/derogatory language against transfolk, male victims of rape, etc. etc.

    never mind that those are areas where the hacker assstains in question would actually agree with them. haw haw haw, prison rape; does she think that people who use language like "ugly dyke" won't happily turn to fag-bashing and tranny-bashing as well? but oh, that's -nothing to do with them,- of course, bastions of anti-oppression and up-the-patriarchy that they are.

  3. but yeah, I just got called a "nasty ass dyke" at Renegade's, by an MRA no doubt; they don't give a shit what flavor you are, duh, if you're a homophobic misogynist fuckhead you're not going to be spending oodles of time distinguishing the finer points of Gloria Steinem vs. Dworkin vs. Susie Bright vs. Dorothy Allison vs. bloody Patrick Califia.

  4. and really: which porn video was it that gave him the idea of slashing throats with knives?

    and of course, were it not for the pr0n the lads would be Brownmiller reading Boy Scouts. it's got nothing to do with them being arrogant little toerags who know how to code but never learned the bare rudiments of social skills.

  5. "the goal is simply to push Heart's buttons and the buttons of her commenters."

    Yep. That's part of why I -- well, I don't want to say they shouldn't get upset, but --

    assuming this is about misogyny is off, I think.

    Not to say that the guy who said it isn't misogynist. But this is about attention, not woman hating. And not porn.

  6. "assuming this is about misogyny is off, I think."

    it's more a burlesque of misogyny, if I'm using that word correctly.

  7. humm, and none of the yay porn people have ever been threatened or received death wishes and other such colorful statements either, right???


  8. "it's more a burlesque of misogyny, if I'm using that word correctly."


  9. a wild exaggeration of misogyny, so wildly exaggerated as to be unbelievable.

  10. see, i dunno about that. i think that, again, as with strawpersons being actual animate scarecrows in other places, there's nothing that says they don't mean it. even if it's simultaneously deliberately done for effect.

    it's like with Ann Coulter, you know--yeah, she's a clown, but that doesn't mean she doesn't mean her hate also. and, the effect is just as pernicious.

    I mean, I hear you wrt yeah, this shouldn't be used as proof of being extra-super-special-singled-out for Persecution; but just because I think lemon drop is a self-aggrandizing drama queen doesn't mean I don't also think this shit is super creepy. I thought it with Kathy Sierra, I thought it with Jill, and I think it here too. There's -always- the "but I was just kidding" copout. I don't buy it. never have.

  11. that was supposed to say, doesn't mean (Coulter's) hate isn't real also. I don't believe in personas that aren't actually expressing something real at the heart of it, I guess is what I'm saying. the content matters, as does the choice of target.

  12. point being, I guess: even if we assume that the person doesn't literally have any intention of sexually attacking the target with knives (and if i were on the receiving end, i don't know how reassured i'd be, frankly), what sort of asshole thinks that's -funny-?

  13. but yeah, RE's gotten equally hateful shit, gets it on a constant basis, really; the "yay pornies are safe" shit is self-indulgent crap.

  14. "i don't know how reassured i'd be, frankly), what sort of asshole thinks that's -funny-?"

    Eh. I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand -- no, not funny. On the other, well, I have trouble with the idea that most people are superior to this. Annoy people enough and gross shit cometh out of them.

    ANd that's what I think of these boys, really. Something's wrong and this is how they get attention.

  15. well, yeah, we've all got our tsuris. i'm not really sure i'd chalk this up to the trolls in questioned being "annoyed," though.

  16. I came across this post detailing the whole story behind the denial of service attack and where they were coming from:

  17. You go Trinity! Kick them while they're down! Now that's what I call sisterhood.

  18. You go Trinity! Kick them while they're down! Now that's what I call sisterhood.

    are you new, Bella?

    people like Trin have been kicked while they're down time and time again by Heart and/or her cohorts.

    sometimes it's not easy to conjure up sincere sympathy on any level towards people who insult, attack, belittle and ostentatiously ignore you, even when something genuinely awful happens.