Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More APR/BushCON/Religious Right Collusion: Donna [Rice] Hughes, and TVPRA

[UPDATE (8-22-07): Jill offers an even more in-depth breakdown of the Donna Hughes/TVPRA/Radfem/ReligiousRight alliance as a response to an antipornradfem male critic over here at Bound and Gagged; it's worth a visit.]

Ahhhh...lookee here...some more evidence of the collusion between radical antipornradicalfeminists and the anti-feminist Bush Administration when it comes to sexual fascism (cloaked under the name of fighting "sex-trafficking").

This courtesy of Jill Brenneman's MySpace blog:

From http://www.nationalreview.com/interrogatory/hughes200601260824.asp

"Lopez: How important has the president been in this fight? (Against
trafficking via TVPRA)

Hughes: President Bush has been the crucial factor. He has created a political climate in which all of us, from local activists to high-ranking political appointees, could do this work. Mainstream feminists like to say he's anti-woman, but by supporting the abolitionist work against the global sex trade, he has done more for women and girls than any one other president I can think of. And he seems to have done it because it's the right thing to do, not because of pressure or favoritism. The new law and policy will literally initiate change for millions of women and girls around the world. Years from now, when the anti-Bush hysteria has died away, I believe he will be recognized as a true advocate for women's freedom and human rights.

The mainstream media has ignored this story. Most of the coverage has come
from the conservative press as a result of faith-based groups' involvement in coalition efforts to support the new law and policy. I believe it is a result of the liberal media dislike of the Bush administration and the lack of mainstream feminist groups' acknowledgement of Bush's efforts to fight sex trafficking. Most mainstream journalists don't search out the facts, and instead accept the stereotypes and anti-Bush propaganda. When I speak favorably of what the Bush administration has done to support the anti-trafficking movement, people are often shocked because it isn't consistent with their view of President Bush or the Bush administration. Hopefully, history will set the record straight.

[Emphasis added by me.]

So...I guess that according to the former Donna Rice, it is now perfectly OK to defend an administration bent on overturning fundamental women's rights such as the right to reproductive freedom and autonomy, who wants to eavesdrop and wiretap everyone without a warrant, and who believes that permanent war is good for business but universal health care and public infrastructure is evil "socialism"??? And that feminists should just pipe down and just support him because he's really for children and women when he goes after "sex-trafficking"???

I wonder how Nikki Craft and the rest of the "antiporn left" posse will react to that.

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  1. Donna Hughes has one of the main links between APRFs and the right for a while now. On one hand, she's a radical feminist in good standing, and published in Feminista and Rain and Thunder. On the other hand, a conservative and regularly published in National Review and FrontPage.com.

    Laura Lederer is another one, having been Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons in the Bush State Department up until a month ago. She got her start in San Francisco as one of the leaders of WAVPM, an early anti-porn radfem group that was an important predecessor of Women Against Pornography.

    "I wonder how Nikki Craft and the rest of the "antiporn left" posse will react to that."

    To be fair – according to Jill, Nikki Craft denounced the affiliations of Hughes and Lederer on Hughes' listserv and was kicked off as a result. The two have basically excommunicated each other. Craft is still on good terms with Melissa Farley, though, who is a central part of the "abolitionist" alliance.

    Most of the remainder of the "antiporn left" have always dealt with this inconvenient fact by a whole lot of denial.